Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

January Jones and what must be a very important call I am sure.
Empty. No text from Jennifer Love for Jamie Kennedy. To console Jamie is Donnamarie Recco.
Jesse Metcalfe is looking really healthy. Good for him.
Jamie Oliver in mid drip.
See that expression on Jaden Smith's face? It could be because his dad was taking all the attention at the premiere or it could be he thinks this movie will suck just as bad as I think it will.
Speaking of suck. Ashlee Simpson and her non sucky sister Jessica Simpson. Although, I will say the whole apron thing doesn't really work.
Ginnifer Goodwin and her 8th bag of chips as she and Kate Hudson film a scene. She eats the entire bag during the scene. They did it repeatedly.
Hello Ketel One. Are these available for home delivery?
Kelly Rowland, big hair and her Jetson's outfit.
Speaking of big hair.
Kat von D looks pretty good here.
This is the typical Leelee Sobieski pose and expression. Since the baby though this is the
new Leelee.


Linnea said...

Ginnifer is great... I like her. Also, Jessica simpson is so much more beautiful than her sister, after all that surgery. I used to find them equally attractive, but now not so much.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

that Smith kid REALLY creeps me out.

Jessica Simpson's dress is gawdawful. Her breasts are packed in like sardines, and that's just the beginning of a long list of things wrong with her outfit.

nancer said...

i don't think jessica's attractive and neither is her sister, but seriously, you could kill someone with ashlee's chin. that thing is a lethal weapon.

jessica just can't dress. everything she wears is too short and too tight and makes her look square.

Susan said...

Speaking of Betty Draper, I am DYING for Mad Men to start again.

Cindi Lauper is a goddess.

Jess Simpson is not looking so hawt.

jess said...

Hudson definitely had a boob job.
-Jessica has the same problem as Mischa, they don't know how to dress unless they're really skinny.

Unknown said...

Come on , Kat von D looks like CRAP and will forever now, ever since she destroyed what was a very cute face.

Love Cindi Lauper!

I want more specific stories about why Ashlee sucks, please.

Sinjin said...

Leelee had a baby?! When does she fit in time for her dominatrix duties?? No really.

B626 said...

Karate Kid 3 is exactly what is wrong with Hollywood.

Jason Lewis is, is
so, so
words can't describe!

bionic bunny! said...

i am very happy that the promos for karate kid suck.
you just can't take the original and fuck it over..
sorry scio money makers, leave the kids out of it, for xenu's sake!

sorry, the bunny's having a bad week.

parissucksliterally said...

Sorry Enty, but both Simpson sisters suck.

I can't WAIT for Mad Men!!!!!

RocketQueen said...

The problem with Asslee is that she's ugly on the inside, and it shines through. At least Jessica's dumb sweetness shines through.

I just saw 88 Minutes this past weekend with Pacino and Leelee. Holy HELL is that a bad movie. I actually felt sorry for Pacino.

Meg said...

I am ready for Mad Men too.

I am NOT ready for a re-make of the Karate Kid. Hilary Swank already tried that, remember Jaden? FAIL. So what was Will Smith doing, Enty??

shakey said...

Ohh Cyndi - your legs need hose.

shakey said...

Ohh Cyndi - your legs need hose.

Shoeaddict said...

I will always and forever be a fan of big hair.

Shoeaddict said...

I will always and forever be a fan of big hair.

Just Another Blonde said...

I love Cyndi, and the dress is cute...

I always stick up for Jessica. One, being stuck with a fucktwit sister like Asslee has GOT to be hard on the girl, and she's just...simple. Also, as a fellow big boobed short chick, I know how hard it is to dress without looking fat. She is most decidedly failing at it, though...


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