Monday, May 24, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Holly Madison and a dog from the pound at a dog show in Vegas.
Meanwhile Zach Braff introduces his dog to the joys of Starbucks.
I really love this new hair style of Janet Jackson.
I'm not sure what Jennifer Lopez is grabbing, but I'm pretty sure it is larger than Marc Anthony.
Kirsten Dunst hits the beaches of Cannes.
I guess this look from Katie Holmes means no.
Kristen Johnston looks amazing. Wow.
Kelly Osbourne keeps losing weight.
Over/Under on the number of drinks Lindsay had this morning before court. 4
I'm not sure why Michael Buble needs a bodyguard. Those Disney Store thieves must be crazier than I thought.
A final press conference for Lost. Matthew Fox and
Josh Holloway.


Syd said...

I love how Suri seems oblivious to Katie's glare.

Jessica said...

I wonder if Jennifer Lopez feels awkward being bigger than her husband?

Liz said...

Oh man. Josh Holloway is HOT in that picture!

chopchop said...

Which is shinier: Jenny's dress or her face?

Suri: "Do these Choos come in a 4T?"

Did Kelly Osbourne have some of her ugly tattoos removed?

Janet's outfit would've been better if she weren't wearing a Playtex 18 hour bra. If you're gonna show off your undies, at least wear some nice ones.

Shmooey said...

Kristen Johnston looks great. I miss 3rd Rock From The Sun.

Patty said...

I'm sure that Suri has never heard the word "no."

jess said...

Jlo looks like a tranny.
-Kirsten's skin looks so soft.(jelaous!)

Meg said...

LOL @ the JLo comment.

I will certainly miss seeing a shirtless Josh Holloway. Sigh.

lanasyogamama said...

Jessica, what woman wouldn't feel awkward being bigger than her husband?

I have to say though, they look like they have fun when they go out dancing.

My God Josh is hot.

B626 said...

Congrats to Kirsten Dunst for NOT being:
super tanned, real or fake
super toned from excessive working out
super anorexic skinny from who knows what!

Now it's time for Josh Holloway
to make that big budget action romcom movie I've been waiting for.
Sumbitch Sawyer/James, you can do it!

ChasingHeaven said...

OMG Kelly, don't turn sideways, we won't be able to see you...

ardleighstreet said...

Please Holly, don't let Paris see that pup or it will wind up trapped in a closet too.

Thank you! Thank you for the Josh Holloway. I think he's a major hottie.

Maja With a J said...

Kirsten Dunst is paler than me. That means Really Fucking Pale.

Maja With a J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lissette said...

My eyes! My eyes!
Fake tan, Kirsten!!!

R. said...

F*** that, why should someone with skin as beautiful as Ms Dunst's have to either fry it or slather it with chemicals in order to gain the acceptance of those of you brainwashed by the fashion dictators?

Pale skin is actually way healthier than either real or fake tan people, sheesh.

hotchacha said...

Janet Jackson is gorgeous.

Josh Holloway, handsome though he may be, looks awkward in this photo. I think it's the funny angle of his head.

I am bigger than my guy. I'm around a size 4-6, and I think his thighs are smaller than mine. Certainly I have more body fat. He's muscly but super sinewy and lean. Sometimes I feel awkward.

RocketQueen said...

Everything B626 said! Everything!

I hope Kelly hasn't gotten carried away with non-eating :(

Tara said...

Kirsten looks great and definitely does NOT need to get a tan! I see that she did grow some boobs, though. She looks better with a bit more weight.


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