Friday, May 28, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

The Family Ties mini-reunion gets the top spot today.
Alicia Keys is pregnant. I think some reader on here first guessed this a long time ago.
Thankfully not pregnant is Katie Price.
I think this is a first time appearance for Adrianne Palicki.
Ashley Tisdale headed to Canada with what appears to be her dog. Could be a toy. No, it's a dog.
Congratulations to Ben Kingsley for his star. Here he is with his wife and son and
a kiss from Bruce Willis.
Speaking of kisses, Mia Michaels plants one on Cat Deeley with Adam Shankman there to watch.
Not sure what Cloris Leachman is doing.
David Beckham tries to put a name with the face.
It was Zac Efron. Here he is with Ryan Rottman and Nina Dobrev.


Anonymous said...

Ben's son is tall and handsome!

Amit! said...

Adrianne Palicki looks GREAT as a brunette. So much better than when she was blonde.

No idea who Ryan Rottman is...but cute!

RocketQueen said...

Ben's wife looks like Jessica Biel. And pretty darn young for him - maybe younger than his son?

Katie Price is truly horrid. I don't get the eye-makeup - she thinks that actually looks good?!

Cheryl said...

It's nice to see Justine Bateman.

Meg said...

@Nu's Woman - Ditto!
@Rocket Queen - I thought the same thing on Kingsley's wife!

Yeah I remember when a reader here (I think??) posted a link to the open letter the wife wrote to Alicia Keys.

Yay for Family Ties. I loved that show and loved Alex P. Keaton/MJF.

Tara said...

Wow, Justine Bateman looks terrible! I actually thought it was Angelina/Female Skeletor when I first glanced at the picture.

chihuahuense said...

Justine does look bad. WOWEEE!!! ROUGH!

Is Cloris Leachman that horrible old lady that always acted like she was in a three stooges skit on that dancing show. Gah! Go away!

Adrianne Palicki is cute. I don't know who she is, but she is cute!

Not cute: Katie Price. WTF?

Yay for Alicia! Who's tha daddy?

jess said...

WTF Cloris?
-I think both Becks and Zack look way hotter when they're trying to hard to be a sex symbol.

Race said...

happy feet, yay, sytycd!

Sinjin said...

Chi: Alicia's babydaddy is the husband she stole off another woman who he has a child with. Swizz Beats. Looks like a black Adrien Brody.

Sinjin said...

Yay for Ben Kingsley! I've always thought of him as an elegant man. :-)

chihuahuense said...

lol, picturing a black Adrian Brody.


Ok, I googled him, and read that letter sent by his wife: DAMN!!! I wish I could write like that when I am upset! I would just be like, "shut the fuck up, bitch!" Hers is so much more eloquent. Too bad, I liked Alicia, thought she had skills and thought she was better than that.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Malory....

Patty said...

I was going to say the same thing about Alicia's babydaddy.

Katja said...

Is Justine anorixic again or is it Drugs/Illness? So Sad!

mooshki said...

Adrianne Palicki looks gorgeous. She's such a talented actress, I think she'll have a great career.

I love Sir Ben Kingsley because he does both great art and some of the cheesiest movies ever, and he rocks them both. He knows how to have fun with a bad role.

SO HAPPY SYTYCD is back!!!

The Cocoanut Grove said...

Alicia's having a kid with a dude??!!

Jerry said...

Alicia Keys is pregnant. I think some reader on here first guessed this a long time ago.

That was me that guessed it, about two years ago.

Monica said...

Is that Anthony Keidis from RHCP in the background between David Beckham and Zac Efron? love me some Anthony K.

enchantress said...

Zac has the newest shoes ever. Nary a scuff mark. Did he walk on carpet or tile the whole way?

RocketQueen said...

lol Jerry.


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