Friday, May 28, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

One Republic - New York City
Canadian television star Paul Gross is on the left, while the guy on the right hosts the best show on television. The Hour. His name is George Stroumboulopoulos. Great, great show.
Hey Peaches. Daryl Hannah called. Wants her outfit from Splash back.
Russell Brand has a charity. Part of it I guess involves returning Katy Perry's dress she wore the other night.
Reese Witherspoon out in Brentwood yesterday. Apparently she and the boyfriend are going to move in together. Umm, I wonder how come she and Jake never did. They went out much longer.
More Sex And The City. This was from the after party last night at Kensington Palace.

This is the writer and director, Michael Patrick King. I was going to say this is it for SATC pictures, but then I saw
this picture from the Rome SATC2 premiere. This guy is Davide Di Porto and he was the big name at the Rome event. I haven't checked, but Michael K needs to make this guy the hot slut of the day.


Anonymous said...

I can't stop staring at the man boob in that last picture.

RocketQueen said...

Cynthia Nixon's extensions are just awful.

Gotta disagree about George, Enty. He takes himself WAY too seriously and always has. I can't suffer through his show.

Meg said...

How long have Reese and this Toth dude been going out?

I prefer Cynthia's extensions to some of the god awful haircuts she had in the series....

The last picture/caption made me laugh.

RJ said...

I wish my boobs were as big as the melons on that Di Porto guy.

amazonblue said...

I love Paul Gross! I wondered what happened to him.

He was in the Tales of the City series portraying the ultimate 1970's man slut. Very hot.

jess said...

woah!! the last picture shows some Michael Lohan's charm.

WriterMommy said...

I thought it WAS Michael Lohan at first glance.

Majik said...

I still think Enty is a secret Canadian...who else watches "The Hour" or knows how to spell Strombolopolous?

Momster said...

Hot Slut of the Day. . . LMAO!

I remember Paul Gross from the series "Due South".

Char said...

Peaches has put on weight. Really hope she's not pregnant.

Love the Hour!

mooshki said...

Michael Patrick King was SO FUNNY on 'The Daily Show.'

shakey said...

amazonblue, Paul Gross has no problem making work for himself. His new movie came out a couple of weeks ago.

All the celebs love George. His writers really do their homework on them. The only one that disappointed me was when he filmed a segment with Fiz from Corrie. It was like he didn't know what to ask.

Now if Ent talks about Rich Terfry, then we'll all know he's Canadian.

jen said...

I saw Paul Gross at a market in T.O. last summer. My friend and I (not very conspicuously) followed him around. He looked great, was very well dressed, was with his wife, and they both chatted to many of the vendors; I got the feeling he was a regular at this market. One thing though, he was wearing a SHIT TON OF MAKE-UP. I was REALLY hoping he'd just come from shooting some show or something, because otherwise... :O LOL

As for George, I don't think he takes himself too seriously! I'm not a huge fan but his show is pretty good. It's just a shame he's a Habs fan... ;)


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