Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Kristen Bell at the premiere of Get Him To The Greek.
Kirsten Dunst is 2 for 2 this week in outfits.
How do you keep yourself from drinking? You go get your hair done for 10 hours. Either that or Lindsay has figured out a way to keep a SCRAM from working using some type of hair product.
Lars Ulrich and sunglasses at night. I think rock stars are allowed to get away with that.
Interesting hair choice from Macy Gray.
The former Bionic Woman, Michelle Ryan.
Congratulations to Michael Ventrella who lost 264 pounds to win Biggest Loser.
And also some congratulations to Nicole Scherzinger. I am not a big fan, but anyone who can put up with Derek Hough for that long deserves to win.
Orlando Bloom after a photo shoot in London.
Peri Gilpin looks the exact same as when she was in Frasier.
Also never changing is Lori Loughlin.
Pink and Carey Hart on their way to Germany.
I'm love Peggy Lipton. Always have, and always will.


Lady J said...

I LOVE Pink and Cary Hart together. I am so glad they are giving it another try.
I don't watch DWTS but I don't think Nicole Schwhatever should have won. She is a performer/entertainer, she was the front runner from the beginning.
Lindsay has duck lips.

mooshki said...

LiLo is clearly getting her fix injected into her lips.

Jeepers, that guy lost 2 people's worth of weight! Or 3 Hollywood starlets!

WHAT?! A professional dancer won DWTS?! SHOCKING! As Joel McHale said, it's now "Dancing With the Dancers."

Anyone who was on 'Twin Peaks' gets my eternal love.

ms_wonderland said...

Orlando is still a cutie. It's over 10 years since he wore that blond wig.

jess said...

264 pounds?! wow
-Nicole is a dancer, what a shocker.

Robert said...

As I said at the beginning: Who's going to win this year on DWTS? The professional dancer? The Olympic skater? The 80-year-old ex-astronaut? What a joke--and when she acted so surprised, I had to roll my eyes. Of the three, Erin Andrews should have won just for the fish-out-of-water factor

0 said...

When is Lindsay going to realize that blonde is just not for everyone?
Her hair has to be so fucking fried by this point.

MacVixen said...

Lori Laughlin seriously looks EXACTLY the same as when she was on Edge of Night - and jeez... that was what... almost 30 years ago?! Damn I'm old :-(

Ray said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ray said...

Lars Ulrich is a douchebag!

RocketQueen said...

Wow MacVixen - you totally just startled my memory with "Edge of Night". I'm 35 and when I was in elementary school, my caregiver used to watch that show. It was my first ever soap. I would have thought Lori was too young to have acted on it as an adult (or maybe I'm just deluding myself about my own age)

Elle said...

That photo of Kristen Bell is hilarimoose because Jonah Hill's giant eye is on her shoulder. I also read it as 'America's Got Talent' (which makes the eye seem less weird somehow).

Elle said...

Okay, not on her shoulder but actually beside her eye. Even weirder (I might have had too much coffee)

E. DuBois said...

Way to go for that guy losing all the weight. I wonder if he's got huge amounts of hanging, stretched out skin. That's the usual after effect. Which is not a good look.

I wonder if the show helps you get surgery??

Yes, I'm in a negative mood today. Free criticism for everyone!!

Patty said...

Orlando looks really good in that picture.

I was routing for Erin to win on DWTS for the reasons stated above.

Kat said...

Peri Gilpin looks beautiful.

MaryMQC said...

Am I the only person that realizes Enty just outed his blind vice from the other day? The one about the actress trying to the "woo" the actor for the part? Win!

Mango said...

Yep, LiLo has the duck lips going on. Has thousands of outstanding bills but is getting her hair bleached and her lips injected. That's it, Lindsay. Prioritize.

Lars Ulrich is a douche? I'm bummed. I love his g/f, actress Connie Nielsen.

I'm not surprised at anything Macy Gray does, says or wears. She could have posted with plaid dreadlocks and I wouldn't blink.

Nicole Scherzinger = Fame Whore. I remember hearing that godawful grating song she *ahem* sang: "When I grow up, I wanna be rich, I wanna be famous...." Until the Countess from the RHWONY knocked her off her perch with her ear-bleeding inducing song. Play "Money can't buy you Class" on YouTube...if you want to die a little bit inside...

Got my fingers crossed for Pink and Carey Hart.

Peggy Lipton is Rashida Jones' mother. I looove Rashida. She's smart and funny.

mooshki said...

Em Cue Em, I'm too sleepy to figure it out for myself. Which blind and how was it solved?

B626 said...

The blind is Julia Roberts/DDL?

IF DWTS puts anymore ringers in next season like the pussdoll and the figure skater I swear I'm boycotting that show.
Of course Erin Andrews should have won. The Ukranian beefcake I drooled over every week had nothing to do with it.

Meg said...

Lindsay's hair does look much better that color, though...

Good for Michael Ventrella. I watched the beginning of the season and he seemed like a nice dude. He looks great.

Of course Nicole won. She was the best dancer of the bunch. I was NOT a fan of Erin...she was too awkward and never came off very graceful, I thought.

Unknown said...

After doing Betty White I'd do Lori Loughlin in a heart transplant minute!

KellyLynn said...

Don't forget, B626, the bios on DWTS showed Erin also had taken several years of dance classes. Even if she wasn't a professional dancer, she (and Evan and Nicole) had an advantage over the rest of them. In any case, I watched the show for the first time this season, and found it fully entertaining.


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