Friday, August 27, 2010

50 Cent Goes Courtney Love On Twitter

I have no idea what 50 Cent was doing last night, but he was out of control on Twitter last night. At one point he had his ability to upload photos on Twitter blocked because he kept posting X rated photos including one of a woman who had a hamburger wedged between her butt cheeks. He called it a Kim K burger. He also posted photos of people performing sex acts in between all of his ranting.

People suspected his account was hacked, but he made no mention of that and only complained when Twitter briefly blocked his account saying they had 30 minutes to unblock it or else.

He says something about going to rehab in one of his posts, but they are all so hard to decipher that he could have been talking about someone or something else. He dropped the N word about 100 times and an equal number of F bombs. He took a swipe at Gawker for calling him a bad grandson. He also compares himself to Osama Bin Laden and how he named his peen New York. This should be the new commercial for what happens to your brain on drugs.


Sadie said...

Kind of a shame if he is on drugs. He had a great money making deal with some drink and has done well for himself in the music world. What a waste if its true.

nicola said...

Call me naive, but I think he was hacked, or he hired someone to tweet. I bet he's enjoying the publicity.

The tweets were ridiculous, pissed that his grandmother was making him take out the garbage... referencing (I don't see 50 reading Gawker), calling out Tony Yayo for stealing money from his pocket. Too effing funny to be 50 Cent.

sunnyside1213 said...

He must have been higher than a kite.

Lady J said...

Those tweets are all over the place. I don't think that was him though. Looks like he was hacked, but you never know.

caydian said...

Enty, can you put Fiddy on FFF? I've never seen New York!

jax said...

Nouveau Riche,happens everytime.

Meg said...

I just read all the way through it and I didn't see the one about his penis. Kind of funny.

He definitely either has to be majorally effed up or someone hacked him.


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