Thursday, August 26, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

Ahna Capri - RIP
Lots of great music in this photo. Olivia Harrison, Clive Davis, Carlos Santana, india.arie, Gavin Rossdale and Chris Daughtry.
I don't think Andy Roddick is going to miss too many balls with that racket.
Meanwhile Bradley Copper was also out playing tennis last night.
Blondie - Atlanta
Britney continues her Hawaiian vacation.
It's a Buffy reunion.
Now this is how you come to a premiere. Look at Danny Trejo.
Don Johnson's clothes and beard match his ride to the premiere of Machete.
The director Robert Rodriguez has a nice ride.
Before Jessica Alba could head for the premiere she had to change her diaper.
Big difference.
Cheech rode in back with his wife.
Michelle Rodriguez' driver forgot to stop.


RocketQueen said...

From certain angles, Britney's BF/manager reminds me of Billy Bob Thornton. Not a good thing.

Unknown said...

he reminds me of sam from true blood! :)

RocketQueen said...

Him too, moxy! A much better option than Thornton, too!

Tenley said...

This might sound stupid but that's not Debbie Harry is it?

califblondy said...

I think that's Debra Harry 'cuz she had lost weight the last picture I saw.

I love the cars for the movie premier. That Trejo guy is a scarey good actor.

india.arie's Video is on repeat on my iPod. I still hope to Santana's show in Vegas one of these days.

Melody the First said...

Olivia Harrison (she who wields statuary to protect her man) looks happy and great. That's good to see.

Jessica Alba's second picture looks like her eyes are sinking into her face.

Leah said...

I thought SMG and Buffy's little sister/the really pale one. (Can't remember her name...)
I thought they weren't friends?
Is it SMG and Alyson H I'm thinking of?
Isn't the pale girl insufferable?

Mango said...

What event was everyone at in that "great music" pic photographed? Looks like an interesting mix. BTW, a few weeks ago I saw "All Together Now", a documentary about the making of the Cirque du Soleil production "Love" based on the Beatles' works. Dhani Harrison looks amazingly like his father, George. I've seen a few Cirque shows live and would love to see this one. (If you've seen them on TV and think they're corny, they're utterly dazzling live!)

I think Debbie Harry is wearing one of Madonna's old outfits. All that's missing is the BOY TOY belt.

Jessica Alba has been photographed in some really unfortunate clothing choices lately. But I guess bad press is better than no press.

nunaurbiz said...

Brit and her man look happy. Good for them!

childeroland said...

SMG and Michelle Trachtenberg (the pale girl, who also plays Georgina Sparks on Gossip Girl, FWIW) have been friends a long time. I believe it is Alyson Hannigan and SMG who are definitely not friends, though I have read that Emma Caulfield (Anya) also did not get along with her. I think a lot of Buffy cast members were unhappy with SMG walking from the show.

mooshki said...

It's so great that Danny Trejo is finally getting to be the star after all those years of being "that guy."

shakey said...

That is NOT Debbie Harry. Can't be. The face just doesn't look the same.

I love that idea for a red carpet. That is awesome. Congrats to Danny Trejo.

BlisterPlease said...

I started liking Jessica Alba after she was on Project Runway last season and after she was introduced by Heidi said "Hi, I'm Jessica" in a shy/excited to be on the show way.

Unfortunate diaper pants though.

PotPourri said...

Just checked out Machete on IMDB. Going to be awesome...and has DeNiro as well. Trejo is AWESOME! Love that Don and Cheech are in it too!

caydian said...

73 "Fight Global" ads Enty? That's a lotta ads!

__-__=__ said...

Such great folks in Machete! Can't wait!!

Ice Angel said...

Who is that gorgeous woman that has recently died??? I'm sorry...but you just don't see actresses that beautiful any longer. Not sure what it is, but what a breathtakingly gorgeous woman. Off to IMDB!


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