Monday, August 23, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

How would you like to be at the bottom of this pile everyday for your job?
Justin Long and Drew Barrymore keeping it together for one more week until their movie comes out. Then the new boyfriend does not have to hide in the shadows.
Gwen Stefani headed out to a birthday party for Zuma who is 2.
Jon Gosselin picks up his kids and
hides them under towels. How did Jon afford a Mercedes? Unemployment must pay really well in Pennsylvania.
Jessica Alba shows off her coal mining look.
Joel McHale pondering life.
Apparently Jack Osbourne is getting some female attention or he has been holding her drink for her.
Suri, Katie and Bella.
A first time appearance for Luke Grimes. Maybe.


jax said...

you know i think Bella could take tom in a fight. girl looks strong.

lmnop123 said...

Katie looks good in this picture and "weight proportional" but the picture is ruined by her picking up the lanky four year old.

nicola said...

I'm pretty sure TLC is paying Jon for the privilege of allowing his kids to be on the show. That was the only leverage he had on them for the lawsuit debt that seems to have gone away.

He's probably making a pretty penny to do nothing.

WednesdayFriday said...

I think the woman in the middle of the totem pole gets it the worst. She gets it from both ends.

WednesdayFriday said...
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Anonymous said...

Why do these celebrities carry their kids? Can't they walk??

Anonymous said...

I'd hazard to say that celebrities carry their kids because they're surrounded by crazy paps who would likely trample the kids if they were walking on their own (unless there are bodyguards there, too.)

Who's got the new boyfriend-Drew Barrymore or Justin Long?

cricket said...

Not trying to be mean but Isabella Cruise looks older than Katie to me.

LULU said...

@ Jax ....damn you lmao

J-Mo said...

Luke Grimes? no idea but does that caption mean there's a blind about him?

lanasyogamama said...

Justin Long has nice arms!

I can't believe Katie Holmes got a clothing line. She has REALLY bad taste! And I kind of feel bad for Isabella, can't be easy to grow up and be sooooooo overshadowed my you stepmom and stepsis, nevermind your psycho dad.

I like when Gwen skips the heels, makes her seem more normal.

Meg said...

Love Joel McHale

Jack is looking really handsome these days...

Robert said...

@Drew: Hey, Sunshine! Which way to the love-in?
Is that JAlba's neo-grunge look?

Elle said...

Playing Devil's Advocate - why assume that Bella is overshadowed by the other females around her.. perhaps she is the lucky one out of the media circus? Must be a weird situation not seeing her 'mom' Nicole though.. That whole situation is fucked.

Of course Gosselin is covering the kids - it's not about the 8 small kids. It's always about the 2 big ones!

Jasmine said...

Uhhh,Zuma has to be the most horrid name on the planet. Right behind Banjo and Pilot whatever.
Ugh, these poor fuckin kids
But on the other hand Bella has a normal name but look at how pissed she looks in every pic of her.
I woulnt want to be a celeb kid for anything~

Paisley said...

I'm pretty sure I've seen pictures of Bella with Nicole and Sunday. I don't think I've ever seen a picture of Nicole with Connor.

Last I heard, Bella was in Sci boarding schools. Is she old enough for college yet? And if so, does she go to one?


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