Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Apparently Charlotte Church takes after me. Two whole chickens,
a pizza and a Strongbow. I would probably go with Magners instead, but I love that she is a big eater.
Chrissie Hynde, JP Jones & Patrick Murdoch
This woman was spotted petting an 11 month old kitten and then throwing it into the trash where it stayed for about 15 hours. The woman was identified, is in trouble and the kitten is back home with her family.
The fake laughs continue, or Justin told Drew his Muhammad penis joke which he will probably be regretting for awhile.
Two greats. Della Reese and Linda Gray.
And yet another great, Hal Holbrook.
Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba and Robert Rodriguez. The big smiles are because Lindsay Lohan couldn't come.
James Van Der Beek waits for his car. he is riding solo. See? You like how I throw in a popular song reference? Damn, now it is stuck in my head. Damn my ideas.
Is it just me or is Kate Beckinsale's hair color two different colors?
At least K-Fed never has to decide what he is going to wear everyday. He wears the same thing all the time.
Kevin Powell is running for Congress.
Lil Jon and Sujit Kandu chug some vodka while
Kendra Wilkinson simulates oral sex on her bottle.


looserdude said...

If Kendra had looked that enthusiastic in her sex tape it would have sold more copies.

RocketQueen said...

lol @ looserdude.

I wish I could say I'm surprised at the kitten case, but it's hardly anything new. The number of animal abuse cases taking place every second is disgusting. There's a special hell for people who abuse the most vulnerable creatures in our world.

Linda Gray! Haven't seen her for years and she hasn't aged a bit!!

stubbins said...

Enty, thank you for that photo of Hal Holbrook as it's the first I've seen of him since Dixie Carter's death devastated him this spring. It really did devastate him: I used to sit with them after her NYC cabaret gigs. I can't think of a couple with such genuine love for each other. To see him looking so well is a rare, rare gratification. Again, thank you!

TinselSass said...

@Chimezatmidnight -

Thanks for sharing your memory of Dixie and Hal. They were so regal and lovely together, glad it was not an act. I hope he finds some comfort in his work as his performances give joy to so many.

califblondy said...

Hey, it's K.Fed, my vacation drinking buddy. ;) He wasn't nearly as big in person as he looks in pictures. Nice guy with a wild (& hilarious) fiancee.

K said...

If someone did that to one of my cats, and I knew who it was, I swear they wouldn't find enough of that person to bury in a shot glass.

Robert said...

I missed that one...what was
Justin Long's Muhammad penis joke?
On the tape, that woman pets the kitten, looks around to see if anyone's looking, then picks it up by the scruff of the neck and drops it in the garbage. How can somebody do that?

delilah said...

ditto @ K

messystation said...

That video of that woman was very odd. She pet the cat, then kind of looks at the recycling bin, looks at the cat, like she is putting two and two together, and tosses it in. I thought she seemed confused. As a cat hater, I would have just avoided the cat entirely, not pet it. It seemed like she didn't really know what she was doing, maybe she is suffering from dementia or on some hallucinogenic or something. Not that I am making excuses or anything, my two blind rescue dogs are the loves of my life, but maybe we shouldn't be so quick to judge?

c17 said...

Heh - /b/ has the personal info on the cat-trashing broad....can't wait to hear what happens next!

c17 said...

Hey - I thought K-Fed was on one of those weight-loss tv shows....wha' happen'?

Paisley said...

Wow. Kevin Powell. That's a blast from the past. Now I'm curious about the rest of the original Real Worlders.

I'm pretty sure he's run for Congress before now.

jen said...

EFF THAT, I'm judging ANYONE AND EVERYONE who abuses, neglects, harms an animal in ANY way.

Aww, Hal Holbrook just breaks my heart. :(

Meg said...

I just read that article about the cat on Huffington. :( Makes me so sad. I am always hearing about people dumping their pets off of bridges or just in the road so they'll get hit around here all the time. Makes me stabby.

lanasyogamama said...

Kendra doesn't seem too mommyish in that pic.

Mango said...

The woman who threw the cat in the trash is a nut. That's why my cats stay inside as should all domesticated cats.

__-__=__ said...

Thanks Mango! Keep your cats inside so they will be safe! K-Well-Fed is a disgrace. What a glutton!

wonderdiva said...

Good to see that K-Fed is still a big ol' tater chip.

dbfreak said...

I'm with k, jen & MCH :(

Also with Mango - my cats are scared of the outside they are so domesticated and that's as it should be! They are just not safe outside for various reasons, including sub-humans like this woman.

cricket said...

That cat abusing woman should be shoved into a recycling bin or trash can with the lid shut for 15 hours and see how she likes it. Evil bitch


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