Thursday, August 26, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Courtney Love is kind of a mashup between Taylor Momsen and Queen Elizabeth.
Drew Barrymore takes pictures with her fans.
The Dodoz - Paris
It's all fun and games using the runway as your personal slip and slide until you forget to wipe up the baby oil and a model suffers severe injuries.
Put a hat in front of your stomach and get yourself some pregnancy rumors. Heck, maybe if Gwen is lucky she will get an OK! cover.
Is there any child alive who does not like this game?
Jared Leto channels his inner Tilda Swinton with this hairstyle.
Not sure who Jessica Simpson is channeling with this hair. Did she have a fight with Ken Paves?
Well, Ke$ha's tour is now over so hopefully the playing of Tik-Tok will also end.
First day of school, and Kate Gosselin has to get in some yelling at the kids.
Throw a lariat on the side of Kim's outfit and spray it red white and blue and you have yourself a Wonder Woman outfit. Kourtney probably thinks she can't be seen hiding in the invisible plane. That was always strange in the cartoon. You could not see the plane but you could see Wonder Woman. So, what was the point?
I love Sara Rue.


Anonymous said...

It makes me sad that a hot couple like Halle and Gabriel didn't last.

That said, watch out for dislocating your kid's elbow when you do that. ("Nursemaid's Elbow")

MacVixen said...

The picture of Halle, Gabriel and Nahla is too precious for works. Nahla looks like she is having a blast, and Gabriel is holding her stuffed dinosaur. Adorable!

I love Jessica Simpson's red dress, though it is sad that it has sparked multiple comments about her weight again(not here, thanks Enty!). Forget her weight - it's the hair that's a darn shame!

califblondy said...

That sure doesn't look like Jessica Simpson or Kim K. either for that matter.

Oh Enty, I love Sara Rue and always watched her old sitcom with Eric Roberts. She looks awesome.

Tenley said...

Ke$ha looks like you can almost smell her stench through the photo. I don't know why but it's like I'm expecting to smell unwashed clothes that smell oddly like tree bark and some weird body odor that isn't B.O. proper but just some fungus-like smell.

RocketQueen said...

I can't believe how much Sara Rue has slimmed down! She looks great, but I thought she looked great before :)

Another day, another Kardashian photo. *shaking fist at you, Enty*

I kind of loike this photo of Jessica - very "Ditzy eccentric older celebrity who will become a crazy cat lady". Whatever makes you happy, Jess. Eff the haters.

That really really doesn't look like Drew Barrymore to me.

Buffycv said...

I thought Leto was Alexander Skarsgard.

Robert said...

When did Jessica Simpson start hanging out with Pink and Ashley Dupre?

Elle said...

I often wonder why Jessica gets all the shit she does for being 'fat' when the red head from Mad Men gets covers and magazine spreads lauding her as this generation's Marilyn Monroe and praising her for being a 'real woman'. Such a fickle business. Both beautiful women and both deserving of the title without question.

Leah said...

I also thought Leto was Askars
Jessica's mams are HUGE!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Sara Rue. All shapes and sizes love her.

Shoeaddict said...

I didn't think that looked like Drew either. I even clicked on it and studied it. hmmm

nunaurbiz said...

That guy in plaid to the left is NOT admiring Drew's photography skills!!!! :-0

Mango said...

Are you sure that's Drew Barrymore?

Cute pic of Halle, daughter and ex, but where are they that they are bundled up like that? It's 91 degrees where I live.

Jared Leto has been getting into whatever Joaquin Phoenix has been smoking.

@ John - I totally agree. Christina Hendrix is acknowledged as a goddess while poor Jessica gets called fat. So unfair.

Enty, I don't get the Wonder Woman comments, but I'll add that neither outfit is particularly attractive.

I like Sara Rue just fine but she should have refused to say those ridiculous comments on those godawful Jenny Craig commercials (about Valerie Bertinelli being old enough to be her mother...while Bertinelli was standing right next to her). It wasn't funny or cute and Jenny Craig needs better writers.

Lady J said...

I think Jessica Simpson looks nice. I think people say the things about her weight because she doesn't dress appropriately for her size. Its usually a hit or miss with her.

lmnop123 said...

Halle is in London. The weather is in the 50-60 degree range.

Elle said...

@Lady J - You make a good point but everything I've ever seen Christina Hendricks in is tight, tight and tight. She accentuates her large bresticulars and her hourglass figure. I hear what you are saying - maybe it's because people associate Jessica with Daisy Duke and Christina is associated with Marilyn and the era of hourglass? A perception thing perhaps..

@Mango - I saw that commercial and thought the same thing! I actually couldn't believe that was the same girl who I remember from being 'character' (as they say in Hollywood). She does look good either way.

mooshki said...

Damn, Ke$ha looks 'rode hard.'

erinsdi said...

Jessica Simpson wears her clothes way too tight. She has a lovely, curvy figure but that ill-fitting dress does her no favors.

Monalicious said...

Jared Leto's look reminds me of the concert at the end of the "Revenge of the Nerds" movie!

PotPourri said...

Love, love, love Jessican Simpson. She stays true to her own body, not our expectations.

Kate Gosselin has 8 kids. You'd better rule 8 kids with an iron fist, or they will all be in prison by the time they are 9.

parissucksliterally said...

Jesus, is it Jessica's intention when she gets dressed, to make herself look as fat as possible? And wtf is with that hair?

Kardashians, fuck off.

Sara Rue looks great, but shouldn't be making such a big deal about her weight loss. I happen to remember her losing 50 lbs. around 5 years ago too. Yo-Yo's better for your heart just to stay heavier.

That is probably the 10th shot out of 100 of Gwen taking her hat off. The magazine or photographer chose the one where her hands are over her belly.

parissucksliterally said...

damn, I am

Just Another Blonde said...

the problem for Jessica is she can't dress for shit and her main gay lets her leave the house looking like she's wearing a busted weave and got 2nd place in the Miss Omaha Tranny contest... She would be ok for a "normal girl" but this is the business she chose, so she has to bring it more often.

Patty said...

Jessica needs to invest in clothes in the correct size.

caydian said...

Derek Zoolander had a look called "Blue Steel."

Kim Kardashian gives the same look to the camera every time. Same stare. I call it "Smoldering Crap."


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