Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Been awhile since Mindy Kaling has been in the photos and I don't think I have ever seen her dressed in white like this. Or is it ivory? Cream? See, a guy says white. This is probably something like Victorian Antique White or something ridiculous.
Huh, I wonder if tennis translates to ping pong, or if Maria Sharapova is just so so.
I love Patrick Fabian, but I can't believe the last movie this woman sees before she gives birth is The Last Exorcist. Would give me all kinds of nightmares.
When an event planner marries a Greek Prince. My only question is why would they get married on a Wednesday?
Nice of Quentin Tarantino to dress up for the premiere of his latest movie. At least Eli Roth put on a suit that he was not exercising in earlier.
A very rare thing. Reese Witherspoon posing on the street. They are always of her walking or jogging.
Not so rare. The sight of Renee in one of two outfits she owns. The other being evening gowns.
It's like Ty Burrell thinks he is playing The Price Is Right and has to run down the aisle.
The Hoff reading from his tome. To?
The people of Berlin of course.
When you ring the bell at the NYSE, it is so boring. NASDAQ throws a party.


M. said...

Wednesday's are a lot cheaper than Fridays and Saturdays for weddings. Any event planner worth their salt knows you pay a premium for weekend events, especially weddings.

That said, I have no idea how much money Mr. Greek Prince has. There are some princes out there that are titled without the pocketbooks to go with the title...

M. said...

Hmmm, further sleuthing on my part online found that this was quite the lavish wedding, indeed, including Elton John as a guest. But then, Elton seems to be a regular on the high profile wedding circuit, lately...

I've got nothing for the Wednesday issue.

Mango said...

Enty, you worry me when you talk about stuff like the shade of white an actress is wearing. Maybe your blood sugar is low? Have a couple or three cheeseburgers, there's a lad.

Love Reese's skirt.

Renee needs to get some new jogging clothes, stat.

Hey Hoff, the 1970's want their designer jeans back!

delilah said...

no me gusta hoff's jeans

califblondy said...

The Hoff brings back Sergio Valente jeans.

lanasyogamama said...

Eli is not looking as handsome as usual in that pic. Probably Quentin's fault.

Maybe the Greek people as doing a whole wedding week?

Maria's dress at that event is the weirdest thing, it's a baby without a head. You can see it on the Go Fug Yourself website.

LOVE Mindy Kaling.

Sherry R. said...

There's this crazy lady that I always see speed walking in the same outfit - very much like Renee Z.

shakey said...

The event planner probably has something to do on the weekend, and Lord knows they need the money.

Quentin's practical - track suits are cheaper to replace when ruined by vomit and/or urine.

I bet Reese posed because she likes the skirt she's wearing. So do I.

OMG. Those jeans are as bad as Jade Jeans were.

RocketQueen said...

lol @ shakey! You beat me to my comment about Tarantino's outfit. Safer for when he passes out and pisses himself at his own premiere, non?

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure that it's traditional for Greek Orthodox to get married during the week, not on the weekend.

Henriette said...

At least her wedding dress has sleeves!

Meg said...

Love Mindy Kaling.

"Germans LOVE David Hasslehoff"


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