Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

It's Emmy Awards time, so lets see where everyone is sitting. Betty White right next to Matthew Morrison. Tina Fey got a second row seat, but it is kind of front row because no one is in front of her.
Alexander Skarsgard right behind Glenn Close. Interesting.
All the Glee people lined up behind each other.
And Jimmy Fallon spent some time working on the red carpet.
What do you think? Mile High Club for these two?
Randomness. David Blaine, Naomi Campbell and Sarah Ferguson.
Best picture of the day.
I think a ghost is whispering they want their pants back. They look 10 years old.
I cannot believe this is the first time Jon Seda has been in the photos.
Kimora Simmons is dropping the whole Baby Phat thing. Here she is with her baby Kenzo. Not Kudzo, that is a grass.
Katy Perry last night meeting up with
a very scarecrow like Russell Brand.
Earlier Katy showed off how long her tongue is.
More of those Lionel Richie potato chip commercials. They look great. The commercials too.


Just Another Blonde said...

I can't stand Katy Perry but I would love to have her wardrobe (and yes, I would wear it, sans tacky ass blue wig).

.robert said...

Kudzu is a fast growing vine and not a grass. Funny but I was clearing some from my shrubs this morning. It is a pain in the butt.

I understand the names on the chairs but why photos?

Lady J said...

Love the Jen Garner and Violet pic.
Kenzo is a cutie.
I like Katy Perry's dress in the first pic.

SkittleKitty said...

I think the photos are to help remind the camera operators (who practice there shots some, I think?) what the individuals look like, so they'll recognize them at the ceremony. Particularly in case the nominee trades seats with his/her guest.

Seachica said...

Lea Michelle is going to be *pissed* that she is sitting behind Matthew Morrison AND Jane Lynch. I love it.

I love the Jen Garner photo. She seems like such a great, fun mom. I hope the Ben Affleck rumors are wrong, because I would hate to think she ended up with a turd for a husband/father.

RenoBlondee said...

Must have Katy's dress! OMG it is gorgeous! She looks smokin' too. Unfortunately I don't think I could pull that tight thing off at all!

Maja With a J said...

Jane Lynch should have front row seats for EVERYTHING.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Mmmmmm Skarsgard. The Academy knows who people want to look at. Num num num num num num num.

Mango said...

Hope no one sits on those awards... OUCHIE!

Jen and her daughter look adorable!

LOVE Katy Perry's dress but Russell should be wearing something a bit more classic for once to match her.

Had no idea Lionel Ritchie made chip commercials. Boggles my mind that he's as rich as he is. I find him one of the most wishywashy singer/songwriters alive.

delilah said...

wasnt that a reveal with Kimora and dropping Phat-deal??

califblondy said...

Yesterday's NY Post had an article that Kimora was leaving BP after the first of the year and this morning they're saying Kimora was fired. Love baby Kenzo.

Lionel, hello, is it me you're looking for?

I adore Katy's dresses especially the first one. I wonder who was the designer and stylist?

nunaurbiz said...

Lionel Richie is a class act! Got to talk to him once.

Love Katy's dress, too!

Would love to have heard the conversation on the Blaine/Campbell/Fergie outing. Where the heck was that taking place?!?! Fergie's bloating up again. Hey, Duchie, stress eatin' is bad for you and your WW endorsements!

lanasyogamama said...

Katie has a great body, not that she doesn't know it.

The name Kenzo reminds me of Kazoo.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Garner got the best of Ben Affleck with those two beautiful girls. Now she should dump him, get custody, and never look back.

lmnop123 said...

I too love Katy's dress and remember when I was her age and looked just in the same style of dress. Oh well.

Naomi and Sarah - two liars or schemers and scammers.

kariodi said...

Katy's first dress is fabulous.

shakey said...

I guess we'll know which aisle will be the main focus. I supposed they're seated that way so when they win best ensemble, or whatever, they can make it to the stage quickly.

I thought BabyPhat belonged to Kimora Simmons?

Soapbox time - I saw Katy Perry's video for Teenage Dream(?) She says one thing in the media about not being promiscuous, yet she comes out with a video as blatant as that? I suppose she believes she put the hip in hypocrite.

awesome balla. said...

i think katy perry looks so beautiful in the second picture, tongue out and everything.

bionic bunny! said...

fast growing is an understatement. it grows up to 100 feet each summer before "hibernating" in the winter and can swallow a house.
how the hell are you "clearing" it?
i actually miss the stuff!

Henriette said...

I thought Jolly Green Giant Kimora created Baby Phat. Can she get fired?


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