Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

Somehow Jay Z and Beyonce got the top spot. Well, I like Jay and I like how he dresses normal with the crazy print bathing suit. How is Beyonce even comfortable? While you think they may be alone,
they aren't.
Adam Lambert - New York City
Amy Winehouse has her boyfriend back and is not letting go.
Bridget Marquardt, the backside of Charisma Carpenter and some guy who thinks he is punk but probably listens to Celine Dion on a loop.
Britney and her boyfriend in Hawaii.
Not in Hawaii but in an airport that has flights to Hawaii is Christina Applegate.
Cindy Crawford for some Moscow department store. They depress me. Not Cindy, but the lighting. Does not inspire consumer purchases.
This is why you should not close your eyes for a kiss. Your partner turns their head and you get your nose crushed.
Charlize Theron shopping for flowers.
Drew Barrymore auditions for Pippi Longstocking.
Donna Karan must have some kind of Addicted To Love fetish.


Abby said...

What the hell kind of pants is Drew wearing? Shiny, paper bag waist... all kinds of ugly!

jax said...

i think punk dude is from Millionaire Matchmaker,no? i don't mind him,h's actually the voice of reason when Patti goes loco.

weezy said...

First -- why do these people (*especially* Brit) *need* vacations?

Second -- Beyonce, honey, it's ok to wear clothing not designed by your mom. Is anyone actually buying Derion garments?

califblondy said...

OMG, Beyonce's outfit is all kinds of terrible. Scarey group shot though. I guess they're used to lots of cameras.

Speaking of outfits, I think Adam looks cute. I dunno why.

Bridgette is looking Botoxy.

Drew, please get those roots touched-up. Ur looking like Madonna.

I thought DK's models looked bad on The Rachel Zoe Project last night. God, I love that show.

Mango said...

LOL @ Adam Lambert's attire. Scale back just a bit, dude, wontcha?

Amy Winehouse looks pretty damned good for someone rumored to have AIDS or HIV pos.

@ Jax - I also thought that was Destin from Millionaire Matchmaker. Whenever I see him on MM I think that some head shop or alt record store in West Hollywood is missing a night shift clerk.

Britney's wearing flip flops. That's a step up for her.

It might be the lighting, but Cindy Crawford looks amazing.

Iced T may be an ass but I think he's great on L&O:SVU


nunaurbiz said...

@ Jax/Mango: Yup, I recognized him, too! I hated the first season of MM, but warmed up in the second. Even used some of her advice to snag a keeper! ;-)

Unknown said...

Good to see Winehouse fairly cleaned up. I wouldn't have thought she'd still be alive 2 years ago.

Tenley said...

Good thing Drew's got her Covergirl endorsement deal because L'Oreal obviously doesn't think she's worth it.

lanasyogamama said...

That is so weird and random that Jay Z and Beyonce vacation that way.

Cindy looks amazing.

So does Charlize.

Drew doesn't. Ha.

braverwoman said...

Califblondy - I thought the same thing when I saw the Donna Karan models on the RZ Show last night. Anorexic much? Bony, knobby, knees and sunken chests. So not worth it and what a message they're sending.

I too love the RZ show. OMG the gowns and shoes....

Not that it matters, but I thought Donna Karan looked better than Christie Brinkley in the gray grecian goddess dress in yesterday's pics.

braverwoman said...

P.S. Cindy Crawford pic = Heroin Chic. So 90's.

lmnop123 said...


I agree with you regarding Ice-T. As a matter of fact I'm watching L&O SVU right now. He's really good on this particular series.

Monalicious said...

Adam Lambert is reminding me of Ivan Ooze from the "Power Ranger" movie!!

Anonymous said...

Moscow is depressing so it stands to reason their ads would be depressing too.

sunnyside1213 said...

I can't believe Cindy Crawford is still modeling.

Robert said...

And looking great doing it!

RocketQueen said...

Ugh - Lambert is starting to channel Bobby Trendy. Not a good look.

Theron is incredibly naturally beautiful. Jesus!

Can't stand Ice-T. He is undoubtedly the worst part of SVU.

Robert said...

@RQ: Either Bobby Trendy or Stevie Nicks!


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