Monday, August 23, 2010

Hayden Panettiere And Vienna Both Denied At Clubs

Hayden Panettiere finally turned 21 over the weekend so decided to celebrate by going to the nightclub Villa. Unfortunately for Hayden she must have thought she is still a star or that people would recognize her and know her age when she went to the club. At the door, security turned her away because she had no proof of her age and no identification. How did she react?

Well, she yelled at the doorman and said, "Are you kidding me? I come here all the time. Why is this an issue now?". Umm, it should have been an issue before you turned 21 and I'm glad they turned her away because they would have turned away anyone else who did not have identification either. No special rules for you Hayden.

In other fun denied news, Vienna tried to get into an after party after the Creative Emmy Awards but was denied. Her name was not on the list and when the doorman said she could not go in, she just turned around quietly and left. Well, almost. Kathy Griffin was waiting to go in and told Vienna she loved the past season of The Bachelor. Then Kathy went in and Vienna went home.


Maidstone said...

Holy Crap - I just went back to CDAN's 2006 older posts and BOOM - it's full of peen.

I guess that was in the days before "Full Frontal Friday".

Talk about Not Safe for Work - beware of the 2006 tab to your left.
W-O-W. And I'll be sure to check it out more on my personal (no-work) computer!! lol

sunnyside1213 said...

Doing the happy dance. Hayden is an idiot. Have no idea who the other one is, but at least she went away quietly.

What happened to FFF?

Jasmine said...

Enty said he couldnt do FFF anymore because he ran out of famous penises to show, but I think thats bunk.
I just think he got bored or lost interest or it took too much effort to locate said peen.
As for this post I am actually sad that Vienna didnt get in. I mean the way Enty describes it, 'she just quietly turns around and left' is just kinda sad somehow. Like she was allowed to be famous and then it was taken away.
I guess I always wonder what happens when your 15 minutes is up, these are ppl too and it must totally suck to realize your over.

RocketQueen said...

Ugh. Does anyone actually *like* Hayden? She's pretty young to be such an entitled bitch already.

Jasmine said...

But Hayden P.? That IS HILARIOUS! Hahahaahahaha.

Cheryl said...

I guess she thinks her face is her ID. Maybe we'll be seeing her in Racing Stripes 2.

mooshki said...

LOL Maidstone, those were the good ole days!

Jasmine, if you track down the peen, I'm sure Enty will post it. He knows how popular FFF was.

Didn't one of the hot LA clubs get in trouble recently for letting in underage celebs? Maybe the city is cracking down, and they need to be more careful. Losing your liquor license would be very bad.

Jasmine said...

Thanks Mooshki, I'll keep that in mind.

lanasyogamama said...

I think I'd prefer to see Jake denied than Vienna. She handled it with more class than Hayden. Jake would have burst into tears.

Meg said...

Lana's Blog - I agree!!

Good for them for not letting Hayden in. If anything the one day you NEVER forget your damn ID is the day you turn 21!

Wembley said...

Didn't she call the cops when a club confiscated her ID a couple of years ago?

I guess she's outsmarting them now.


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