Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ethan Adopts A Baby vs Solving A Rubik's Cube While Skydiving

Miss Lost? Watch William Mapother try and adopt a baby.

I find it hard enough to get one side of a Rubik's cube completed while I am giving it my full attention. Attempting to complete the entire puzzle while skydiving in a boat is not going to happen.


memyselfandi said...

Wow, that Rubic's cube video is amazing!

Casey said...

Suri looks just like William Mapother. Just like him.

delilah said...

the rubic's cube thing is awesome-too bad the music ruins it.

LOVED Ethan vid!

Sonia in MO said...

Suri does look just like Mapother. The eyes, the smile, the facial expressions. Definitely resembles him more than Tom Cruise, so there is no doubt she's got her paternal father's side of the family genes :) But as far as conspiracy's go - who knows? That little Kardashian baby is a mini-me of Rob Kardashian (Kourtney's brother) and hardly looks like his father at all, so genetics can definately do some strange things.


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