Monday, August 23, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Either three or four parts today. It depends on my math skills.

So, this is Mariah Carey over the weekend in Brazil. Yes, she has gained some weight but is she pregnant?
Very tough to tell.
Matthew Morrison and Jayma Mays do the fake laugh thing really well.
So, tell me why paps in Australia are following Nicky Hilton. No one else in the whole country more worthy of following?
Norah Jones - Las Vegas
Nicollette Sheridan waits for the applause that will probably never come.
Orlando Bloom, Milla Jovovich, Mads Mikkelsen and Christoph Waltz doing some promotional work for The Three Musketeers.
Pool parties are always fun until the guy with the porn stache drinks too much and knees a guy unconscious.
The Pretty Reckless - Stafford, England
It is always Daniel and Emma, how about some Rupert Grint?
Stephen Moyer on the beach in Venice the day after his wedding without his wife.
Elin & Tiger have finalized their divorce. Elin gets hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars and sole custody of the kids.


Jasmine said...

Mimi IS PREGNANT. Michael K has another pic of her in another outfit and it is very obvious. I am not usually that type of is she or isnt she gossip but I would bet my next paycheck on it (not that that is tons of money lmao) but still :P

As for Tiger and Elin, hahaha, you go girl!

mooshki said...

Seriously? She's wearing a t-shirt that says "If you like fun, you'll love me?" I can't think of many people who are less fun than Mimi.

I see Little J is still classing the joint up.

MISCH said...

I hope she is....she really wants a baby..

lmnop123 said...

Yes Mariah does look pregnant but we'll know for sure in a month or two.

I wonder exactly how much money did Elin get in the divorce settlement? I'm sure it's less than the 800 million that was initially reported.

RocketQueen said...

I dunno - Mimi goes up and down with her weight all the time. In that first picture she looks like a fairy godmother about to grant a wish.

How many more movies about the Musketeers can they make? I'm so burnt out on the topic which is a shame, because this cast looks great.

nancer said...

mimi is moomoo.

muumuus for you, moomoo.

califblondy said...

When I saw her in concert she was wearing a bra and undies with a sheer jacket-thingy. Either she's put on the pounds again and is trying to cover it or she's pregnant. Has anyone seen what kind of shoes she was wearing? Sometimes that's a tell.

lmnop123 said...

Even if Mimi is pregnant she's going to have a lot of weight to lose after she gives birth. JLo didn't gain this much weight when she carried her set of twins.

nunaurbiz said...

@not on my dollar: what you said!

Tenley said...

Well knock me over with a feather -- she doesn't look pregnant at all to me. That's what a lot of women hitting middle age look like. She's gained all the weight everywhere but where the pregnant part should be and that's not how you gain weight when your pregnant but it is how you gain age weight.

0 said...

Go Elin!

lanasyogamama said...

She doesn't look pregnant to me. Prego weight goes to the boobs and the tummy. She just looks bigger all over.

MnGddess said...

Tiger gave sole custody to Elin? Really?

Meg said...

Are we gonna get a more lengthy description about that pool party??

I love Rupert! He's my 2nd favorite red head.

Why is Beeehl in Venice??

@mngddess: Well of the two, wouldn't she be the better selection? She probably doesn't want her kids around a bunch of whores all the time.

Monica said...

Totally agree with Tenley. She may be pregnant but maybe she's just sick of dieting and exercising and restricting herself and now that she's happily married to someone who loves her fat or skinny she's just relaxing and not letting her weight bother her?

*wishful thinking*

shakey said...

Mimi could be wearing Spanx in the 2nd photo. (Sort of OT - but I finally saw Precious and I thought she did a great job - her facial expression when the big secret came out was very real.)

We were at a store the other day and they were playing Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone. I was floored by how much they've grown up. Didn't realize it's been that long.

Did Bill drain Sookeh?

Just Another Blonde said...

@Shakey- I know, Mimi was actually really good in that movie. I was surprised. Then again, she's acted (quasi) normal for decades, so maybe she CAN act. And guys, she's pregnant. MK has pics where you can totally tell. She's one of those pregnant women who gain it all over (my friend was one- she just looked fat when she was 9 mos lol)

totally OT but Jayma is one of my fave names ever... IF (huge giant ass if) I ever procreate I'm trying to talk the BF into using it... So far, no luck.

Mango said...

If Mimi isn't preggers she needs to hit the stairmaster in her high heels again.

YAY for Elin!

Alice D Millionaire said...

I thought the tiger/Elin custody arrangements were kept private.

__-__=__ said...

And I heard Elin got $100 million. We need an update on this Enty! I think she deserves far, far more than $100 million if that's all she got. After all, Rachael got $10 million, didn't have to procreate his spawn or take care of them and suffered virtually no embarrassment.


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