Monday, August 23, 2010

Random Photos Part Three - Creative Arts Emmy Awards

Since the Emmy Awards will be happening next week, I didn't go full out with pictures from the Creative Emmy's. Just a smattering.

Alan Cumming
Christina Hendricks
Seth Green & Clare Grant
Jane Lynch
Jon Hamm
Lily Tomlin & Kathryn Joosten
Neil Patrick Harris
Robin Williams & Susan Schneider
Wanda & Alex Sykes
Kristin Chenoweth & Kathy Griffin
Stana Katic


RocketQueen said...

Are Wanda and Alex a couple or just related?

Paisley said...

Wanda and Alex got married during that window before Prop 8.

RocketQueen said...

Nice :) Cute Alex took her last name!

lmnop123 said...

I've never heard of Stana Katic but her dress looks gorgeous.

I really want to like Kristin Chenoweth but she's always so over the top. To her it's probably cute and funny but to me it's just annoying.

Paisley said...

It's nice to see a red carpet with so many proudly out celebs. Alan, Jane, Neil, Lily, Wanda.

kimmypie1 said...

I must be living under a rock because I had no idea Lily Tomlin was a lesbian? wow! Is Kathryn her date? Isn't she the lady from Desperate Housewives?

Also I knew Kristen Chenowith was small, but my goodness she is itty bitty!!

Paisley said...

Lily Tomlin has had the same partner for decades (not Kathryn). Jane? She's been out for at least 10 years.

califblondy said...

As hot and humid as it's been in SoCal, I feel for the ladies in the heavy gowns and guys in tuxes.

ITA about Kristen, I used to like her soooo much, but she's starting to get on my nerves. Maybe she needs to stick to Broadway where being over the top is a job requirement.

mooshki said...

Aww, Jane, I love you gal, but can you please get NPH to dress you in the future?

anarchi said...

Lily Tomlin looks so relaxed and happy- and about 30. She never disappoints in roles (esp. Altman films).

And Ann-Margret looks fit, confident and healthy.

They always struck me as ones who did it right- effortlessly (but worked hard).

nunaurbiz said...

Lily Tomlin was partners with her creative partner, Jane Wagner. Didn't know that they had broken up, though. It was a badly kept secret for decades about Lily. Nobody made a big deal of it and I'm glad!

Saw Lily's show a few months ago and now she's even saying she's lesbian in her show, which wasn't the case just a few years ago.

Good for her.

Memo to Jane Lynch: Please hire Helen Mirren's stylist for tips on how to look classy without looking frumpy! (meow)

surfer said...

Ann-Margaret is so gorgeous. But black stockings in August? Really?

TinselSass said...

I love Jane L but that dress... ooh. Made me think of Ellen in her pre-out role - MR. WRONG - - uncomfortable.

I hope Jane vogues it up like she did in the video and wears a fabulous tux suit to the Emmys... she'd look amazing strutting across the stage to pick up her award.

lanasyogamama said...

I had never really seen Kristen Chenowith until she was on Kathy Griffin's show recently. Wow, she has a VOICE! Out of that TINY body!

Meg said...

Enty, thank you for including Jon Hamm in the smattering. :)

I don't think I've ever seen Wanda's wife before! She's beautiful.

Robert said...

I can't believe it, but for some reason I like Alan Cummings' suit, even though it looks kind of like dressy pajamas.

Elle said...

My two Kathy's! Griffin and Joosten!
Kathy Joosten is not a lesbian. She has recently recovered from cancer so I am happy to see her walk the red carpet :-)

Jasmine said...

@Lana's Blog- try to youtube or Netflix the Glee episode that Kristen C. was in. She sings and it is AMAZING. Trully. A few of the Glee kids were doing interviews and they said their favorite moments of the entire show involved sitting there while Kristen belted it out in front of them. :)

Jasmine said...

oh and congrats to the Sykes'. I didnt know they got married, thats awesome!!

Paisley said...

Wanda and Alex also have twins born last year.

shakey said...

Christina Hendricks looks like she has a cloven hoof.

Just Another Blonde said...

Christina Hendricks actually looks assy here! Wow I didn't think it was possible.

Cheno can SING but she is annoying as shit.

yay Wanda and Alex look good!

GoGo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GoGo said...

What great pics!
Another great Alan Cummings suit; Ann-Margret looks absolutely amazing -- haven't seen her in too long! I had no idea she did a guest spot (is her hubby Roger still alive? What a great couple!); Wanda and Alex look great. Wanda has the most amazing complexion; and I think Jane looks awkwardly cute (cutely awkward?) -- kinda how I would feel (and probably look) if I had to wear that sort of frockery... and Lily is Lily!


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