Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Brandi Was Just Speaking The Truth

I kind of like the picture above. It makes me think that Kyle & Kim Richards are about to do some kind of dance move or are in the middle of a song. Unfortunately for Brandi Glanville, it was actually not as pleasant and directed at her. Kyle is one of those people who is perfectly willing to trash her own sister publicly for ratings and for one upness, but does not allow the same privilege to others. Brandi was just stating the obvious last night when she said that Kim was f**ked up out of her mind. She was even more wasted then when she took the plane ride to Sacramento. I love how she tells Kyle she is suffering from anxiety. Yeah anxiety that someone is going to make you take a drug test. Wow she self-medicates hard.

I love how Camille just sits back and kind of says, "I should have been this quiet last year and let all of these people just tear at each other." I think Camille has learned her lesson and unfortunately it has made her much less interesting this year. Maybe I am alone on this one but I cannot stand this other new housewife Dana Wilkey. She just gets on my nerves. Please make her go away. Which producer picked her and why?


KLM said...

I haven't watched last nights' episode yet, but I didn't realize that Dana was going to be on permanently. I can't stand her.

Poppymann said...

Kim and Kyle tear it up like my white trash neighbor. Same crazy look in her eye. I tell my neighbors that the pistol I carry is to protect my dogs from bobcats.
BTW I'm wearing Valentino motorcycle boots. He was just here.

timebob said...

I got the feeling Dana blew every producer to get on that show. Looks like she sold all her furniture to afford those Valentino shorts (fugly!).

My favorite part last night was when Kyle tasted Kim's frapaccino and said the drink tasted fine. But the look on her face, told a whole other story.

I used to work with someone who got addicted to klonopin. Her doctor kept feeding it to her and she acted a lot like how Kim was acting last night. But since it was prescription she thought everything was dansy. But like Brandi said, "off her rocker".

Groovy said...

Agreed on all counts. It was very telling how they both immediately flipped out and started calling her every name in the book. Yeah and Camille and especially Dana suck. Please, please make them both go away.

Borg Queen said...

@timebob - Klonopin is prescribed way too much.

What about Dana's unfurnished house? Camille was right, for a alleged-party planner, Dana did have a nicely decorated table or a nice spread of food.

I was surprised at how much of a mean girl Kim was being. I guess she was too high to realize what she was saying but Kyle laughed out loud right along with Kim. Kyle is so white trash, she is ready to fight with anyone anytime.

I kinda feel bad for Brandi. She got publicly dumped and now she is being ridiculed publicly.

Have the ladies gotten so fabulous that the word "cock" offends their sensibilities? I wouldnt use the word cock around my mother but maybe with people in my same peer group.

Borg Queen said...

correction: Dana DID NOT have a nicely decorated table.....

Lori said...

Dana reeks of try to hard. But yeah, Brandi was pretty much just stating the obvious...like how Kyle said Kim could do lines, "just not with makeup" in the bathroom and they both laughed. I was like..did she just say what I think she just said???!!!

bluebonnetmom said...

I don't watch this, but I just might have to for Brandi. Love that she is calling people on their crap.

Sunnyhorse said...

"Please make her go away."

Please make all of these whores go away.

amylepper said...

Kyle would throw her sister under the bus in 2.5 seconds if it benefited her. she is such a high school mean girl it is unreal. i kind of love Brandi, talk about saying it like it is. And that Dana, I nearly died laughing at Camille's face when Dana suggested that when Camille's "family wasn't there anymore" she should totally invite them to Hawaii bc omg she would totally be there in a heartbeat if Camille would just invite her. Pam - I mean Dana - is a total wack job and I bet not nearly as wealthy as she tries to seem.

Cardinal Girl said...
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Sis said...

I'm not liking Brandi and Dana gets on my nerves. I'm just interested to see how this one will play out this season.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Yeah. You can DEFinitely tell that Paris is Kyle's niece. That meangirling, herpes-infested apple didn't fall far from the extended family tree. They are each horrid, haggard "ladies."

And what's with acting all weird just because someone says "cock"? COCK COCK COCK COCK COCK, KYLE. You're not sitting in a classroom, or in a pew. Give me a goddamned BREAK. I'm pretty sure at least 3 of those women have engaged in legit prostitution at least once in their lives, so they honestly need to stop acting like pious virgins.

I like Camille, but only because she seems relatively sane and entertainingly judgmental. Also, I think Kelsey Grammer is a world-class choad, so my loyalty naturally shifts towards her.

I'd feel bad for Kim, but there are tons of women in sadly similar situations who don't have the resources to get help. Therefore, I'll just keep shaking my head at her and agreeing with Brandi. Bathroom sessions are a good time to pop some 'ludes, apparently.

Um. Speaking of Brandi: a very pretty lady, but her surgically-sculpted lips and cheekbones are a little distracting. I STILL can't believe Eddie relinquished a marriage with her for one with Falcor (copyright Michael K). Downgrade city. And Eddie's kinda cute in a sleazy, greasy, bedimpled, culturally-pointless, shamefuck-y Mario Lopez kinda way -- I still don't get how he was attracted to Falcor in the first place. He could have found a more generically attractive famewhore.

I only started watching this show because it makes me feel like an unmaterialistic genius. And now I can't stop. :-( Television = the best drug EVER.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Also: Pandora Vanderpump???????



That name is AMAZING.

selenakyle said...

Kim said: "I haven't eaten or slept in 7 days."

Yeeeeaaaaahhhh, we can see that, Kimmie-pie!

selenakyle said...

Dana proves money can't buy you class.

LOVED Camille's frost-out. Bwa ha haaaaa!

Also thought it was crummy that Adrienne left Brandi there alone in the shark tank armed with only a pocket knife.

"Course, it was the producers' gig...these dumb broads have nothing to do with any of it, other than to show up and act like cunts on cue.

ItsJustMe said...

I don't think Brandi is all that sane, either, but she is a jillion times more normal than the mean girls. Her youthful looks in comparison to the pulled and prodded older gals is a little startling.

luckydog said...

I thought Kim and Kyle were horrendous last night but Dana might have actually been worse. What do these women tell their children when they are caught being such BULLIES??!!

This was very upsetting to watch.

tflamb said...

Wow just clicked with me that is "Escape from Witch Mountain" Kim Richards.

Had a bit of a crush on her as a child. Sad to see what she has become.

KLM said...

So, I watched the episode. I didn't think my opinion of Dana could be any worse but now it is! She needs to stop with the embarrassing name-dropping and sucking up to the "popular" kids. So sad.

As for Kyle, she is certainly coming off like a mean girl this season - Kim is just too wasted to know any better...

old ;ady said...

I believe that Kim has a Major Drug Problem and the Bathroom was for doing more Pills or Lines. Even I could tell she was HIGH. Kim and Kyle are to much like their relatives remember Kathy and her husband got down on their knees and sucked up a carpet to get at COKE spilled there. Additions run in families. It is genetic.

Mango said...

Dang I missed most of the show because of phone call but did see the lovely Richards sisters attack in unison, as shown in the pic above. Your mother would be proud, ladies. I kinda miss when Camille was such a bitch. This show's getting boring and I'm actually enjoying NJ more.

Lelaina Pierce said...

@timebob - How about the look on the server's face, when Kyle went looking for Kim? "You got her coffee?" ..... "Yeah, coffee."

I'm disliking Kyle more with each episode. Scurrying around after Kim & almost applauding her bad behavior toward Brandi.

The "fight" seemed a little staged to me, at least on Kyle's part.

Jasmine said...

Ida- I started grinning the minute I saw you had posted on this thread. I dont really know why but I am so tickled you've begun watching the show- its very amusing and adorable to me :))I think it has something to do with the semi shocked and appalled response you write.
And for sentences like these: "I'm pretty sure at least 3 of those women have engaged in legit prostitution at least once in their lives" HAHAHAHAHA

Okay, as for the show last night- WOW.
This was a new level of meanness and it made me very uncomfortable at times. Poor Brandi. When Dana and Taylor were 'making cookies' and Taylor contemplated dropping Brandi simply over her saying cock and telling that bad joke about Dana's fiance having gf's all over the country....I was just done with all of them. The superficiality could choke a fucking horse!

They dont have to portray Kyle a certain way-its not manipulation or clever editing--she IS a very mean, judgy person. And I dont get why. You would think the classic bully thing would steam from insecurity but she seems so confident, she has a relationship that seems egalitarian and not oppressive, and has love. I just dont get it.
Because Brandi's son peed on the lawn OF SOMEONE ELSE'S house and said the word 'cock' you are going to blatantly shun her when you are the only two in the room at Dana's house?!?

When Dana was chortling during the Brandi/Kim/Kyle fight and asking the two sisters why Brandi was being so mean....omg, WHAT.A.BITCH. Ive had people gang up on me in h.s. before- this shit was CLASSIC psychological mind fucking. They acted mean to her, which caused her reaction and then they seemed stunned by her reacting to their initial horribleness!!!!

I seriously hope Kyle's husband is off screwing everything in sight- and I hope Dana is actually poorer than she's coming off. Cause those two bitches deserve some serious karma coming toward them.

If I were Brandi i'd leave the show. Being a little more famous for doing the show isnt worth it.

karen said...

Even if all of this is scripted, by now all of these women should have realized that the way they're acting in front of the camera is going to affect their private lives. That's why Camille is so reluctant to say anything bad about the other people anymore and doesn't want to get in fights with Kyle or anyone else. Taylor is pure trash. I can't believe that she dares to behave like that when she's allegedly the chairwoman of a charity organization for victims of domestic violence. For a person who's allegedly been the victim of physical and verbal abuse and claims to want to help people who have been in the same situation, she certainly enjoyed watching Brandi become the victim of bullying way too much. They way she was cackling with glee when Kyle gathered her minions during her tacky charity event to rag on Brandi and how she couldn't stop laughing with that other trash Dana when Kyle and Kim went bonkers. Pure white trash. That woman hasn't learned anything and deserves all the bad things that are coming to her.

Kim's lost all of my sympathy. Just like Taylor, she hasn't learned anything from her situation. Instead of being sympathetic towards people who are getting bullied by others and come to their defense, she joins the circle of bullies by hoping to not be the next victim and finally become a part of the in-crowd. I really thought that you pass that level of insecurity after high shool. Those are women in their fourties (or even fifties?) and they still haven't managed to not fall into that trap? Sad.

I hope that Kyle gets called out on the reunion show for the hypocrite she is. I find it really funny that the person who was the only one dropping f-bombs on dinner tables all the time and behaved like a total psycho is now the one who tries to make a person feel bad about using the word cock? Bigot, please. I also don't know what's more inappropriate; a four-year-old child, who doesn't know any better, urinating on the lawn or letting a teenage girl watch her mother getting a Brazilian wax? I surely know what's more disgusting and inappropriate. I have the feeling that Kyle gets off on never forgetting to remind the viewers that her sister has an alcohol problem. The way she checked if Kim was drinking something non-alcoholic and how she had to ask the bartender if he gave her a coffee. She claims to be so embarrassed by Kim but surprisingly enjoys her drunk/drugged-out shenanigans if they're aimed towards people she despises for no legitimate reason. What a vile snake.

I think Dana already got her punishment by watching what her hero Kyle really thinks of her. It's really sad to watch that apparently almost neither of those women has evolved past the emtotional maturity of a teenager.

I also have to say that I really liked when Adrienne didn't join in the Brandi bashing when Kyle tried to get Adrienne to say something mean about her. The look on her face was priceless. 'Damn, why isn't she on my side? She should be on my side and agree with me. That brat pissed on her lawn, after all.' I really liked when Adrienne rebuffed her and instead brought up how Kim misbehaved on that Sacramento trip. Hahahhahahahahaha What a bummer for Kyle and really embarrassing, too. So much that she had to pull the 'I always feel so ashamed of her. She embarrasses me all the time.' - card so that people can pity her and see past her vileness.

I'm rooting for Brandi. I think she's the only one who ever genuinely apologized in a confessional for what she said to another person. I can't remember that anyone ever did that. I hope that she gives Kyle and Kim a good beating with her crutches in the next episode.

karen said...

One last thing; how awful was it when Lisa said that she loves her future son-in-law more than her own son? Even when she claimed it to be a joke. What mother does something like that? I get the feeling that the boy already doesn't feel appreciated by the family, then why prove his feelings to be true by saying something heartless like that in front of strangers? I really think Lisa is the worst of all of these women. The others might have their reason for behaving the way their do, but Lisa just thinks she is entitled to it.

/end of rant

Poppymann said...

@Ida, I'm suprised no one has made a joke about the contents of Pandora's box? So there ya have it.


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