Friday, October 14, 2011

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Prince William and Kate Middleton at a charity event that raised $1M.
After a week as a blonde, Katy Perry goes back to her Britney Spears inspired pink.
Cheer up Michael. I mean you are in Santa Barbara and getting an award. Plus, your wife looks pretty good too.
Mario Lopez seems like he is having a tough time getting his flame up.
Nicole Richie is in the middle of a big shoe event but is wearing the same pair she wore yesterday.
Rosario Dawson would like you to look at her breasts.
I prefer my sake in a cup, but apparently Susan Sarandon is a mallet kind of woman.
Taylor Swift on her way to a
Taylor Swift hand sign contest.


cheesegrater15 said...

Could Kate Middleton be any thinner? Jebus!

What is it about Taylor Swift's face that is so unsettling?

RocketQueen said...

I agree, Vicki...that girl is disappearing right before us.

CZJ is really starting to look her age....whatever that might be.

parissucksliterally said...

Nicole's shoes are HOT.

parissucksliterally said...

Taylor Swift has very pretty features separately, but all together her face is weird to me.

Sis said...

Why oh why is Nicole relevant?

jen said...

Nicole looks GORGEOUS there. I love that chick, she's very funny.

Rosario Dawson is gorgeous.

M. said...

I love me some British royal family photos, but that picture of Kate and Wills, looks straight out of the 1970's. I'm not favoring her dress, at all. I think it's the sleeves...Do not like the sleeves/cuff.

Jason Blue Eyes said...
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nunaurbiz said...

@M: I was thinking just the opposite. I was thinking Kate looks stunning and very comfortable (like she doesn't have to suck her stomach in like all the Hollyweird starlets). And they still look so happy!!!! But, I confess, since I'm the same age as Wills' mum (my sis and I adored her) I've always kind of thought of him as an extended nephew so he always looks about 10 years old to me and Kate looks like a lovely young woman. Out of kilter, I know! LOL

evergrey said...

Me thinks Katy Perry is pregnant. Just haven't seen her a lot lately in any photos and then here's this pic with the dress doing camouflage.

KJ said...

Did anyone else notice the giant Baskin Robbins logo on the cake in the Mario Lopez pic? Srly Mario, you couldn't pony up the cash for an ice cream cake?

Andrea said...

I love the contrast of a classy, stunning Kate Middleton vs. a pink-haired Katy Perry.

Loved Nicole's shoes yesterday...and today.

I am not the biggest Taylor Swift fan, but I like that she is a great role model.

msgirl said...

I think it was Gawker who said Douglas' son Cameron got a deal by ratting on a Mexican dealer and so the drug cartel is after Michael and Catherine. Maybe that's why they don't seem so happy.

Zuzu Petals said...

CZJ looks like JWOWW here.

Jasmine said...

Kate and Prince Willy look SOOO young in this pic!

It really dawns on you how young they are and how much pressure it must be to be considered the next King and Queen of England (and Canada too right? and Ireland? I dont know how much of a monarchy the Queen has right now.)

I WANT Nicole Richie's shoes!

That heart thing is getting fucking old.
Its cute sometimes but not when a legion of 14 yr olds who know nothing of love make it obessively and with such manic intensity.

We get it- you like Taylor Swift (that name is so dumb for some reason) you can put your hands down ladies.

Jasmine said...

btw- I will eternally be in love with Susan Sarandon.
Licking sake off a mallet is just icing on the cake!

Tatyana said...

Jasmine said...

"It really dawns on you how young they are and how much pressure it must be to be considered the next King and Queen of England (and Canada too right? and Ireland?"

No worries, it's Charles and Camilla's jot to be the new King and Queen.

Jasmine said...

I know about that. I just figured old Charlie was looked at as 'always the bridesmaid never the bride' sorta situatin :)

People have referred Will and Kate as the future King and Queen. And to be honest, the reigning Queen isnt sick, and sometimes even looks younger than her own son!

Jasmine said...

or maybe it's my bias- I hate Cammilla, and the idea of her being Queen irks the shit outta me.

Long live Queen Diana! (I wish)

Róisín|nísióR said...

Jasmine.. Ireland isn't a part of the monarchy anymore :)

lutefisk said...

There is such a difference in the photos of Kate Middleton and Diana. Kate always looks so comfortable and happy. Diana always appeared so sad, and the 80's dresses looked so uncomfortable.

Jasmine said...

good to know, thanks :)

Ever since I saw a show there called Father Ted and learned the amazingly awesome word 'Feck'
I have a love affair with Ireland and so it's cool to know new info (to me anyways) on them.

Lelaina Pierce said...

@KJ - I saw that and was trying to figure out what it was! Haha!

I love Taylor's dress.


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