Monday, October 10, 2011

Rosie O'Donnell Thought Her New Girlfriend Was Straight

Rosie O'Donnell is on Nightline tonight promoting her new talk show on OWN, but also talking about her love life and other topics. When asked how she met her current girlfriend, 40 year old Michelle Rounds, Rosie says they were in a Starbucks and she thought Michelle was a 28 year old heterosexual woman. That is the only reason Rosie spoke to her. She says that if she had known Michelle was gay that she would have been too scared. Rosie blames a malfunctioning gaydar.

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Ms Cool said...

She was straight until she met Rosia.

ForSure said...

or Ro$ie.

Good to see Rosie looking a little bit more fit and healthy these days. She seemed so unhappy for a few years, even if perhaps she brought some of that on herself. I'm a sucker for a good recovery/redemption story.

The Black Cat said...

She DOES look good! I hope this is a lasting relationship for her.

Sis said...

Love her!!

Lelaina Pierce said...

I absolutely adored her daytime talk show in HS/college. She seemed to really love it (at least in the beginning) and was so upbeat/positive.


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