Monday, October 10, 2011

Gary Giordano Invited A Second Woman To Aruba

Am I missing something when I look at Gary Giordano. The guy is not good looking at all in my opinion yet somehow he apparently was having sex with women all the time and having threesomes and women were flying from all over the country to be with him. Seriously? Why? The Enquirer found one woman who said she was supposed to go on the trip to Aruba with Gary and Robyn Gardner. The only reason she did not go was because Gary told her about the insurance and that she would need to sign some forms. He was going to kill them both. That is crazy. The new woman, Rebecca Toring thinks her decision to not go saved her life. I say maybe. It is a whole lot easier to kill one person than two. And if one gets away then there is a witness which covers about 14% of all movies made in Hollywood.

Rebecca met Gary on a swingers site and although she decided to pass on Aruba she was going to visit him the next week to have sex with Gary and Robyn. She also used to have phone sex with Gary for an hour each day and he would send her photos and videos of the women he was having sex with and he also said that Robyn's boyfriend had no idea of all the crazy things she was doing with Gary. Rebecca has been interviewed by the FBI twice since the disappearance of Robyn.


timebob said...

I swear to God if Aruba can't arrest one murderer on that stupid island then I hope the whole island sinks.

figgy said...

There are a lot of pathetically desperate women out there.

Lux Luthor said...

I don't get it either, Enty. I do not understand how that man gets any female to even give him the time of day.

timebob said...

he is just a con man he acts like he has a lot of money and preys on women looking for sugar daddies. Free vacations! sure, oh but nothing is free you pay with your life and he gets to keep the insurance money.

Which I still think he will get if Aruba doesn't get their act together.

The Black Cat said...

Figgy, you are so right. Some women will believe anything if they think a man is attracted to them.

annabella said...

yes, some women have no standards and can just be conned so easily. "here, sign these forms, I've taken a life insurance policy out on you, if you die, I get a million dollars. no need to worry."

I wonder if Robyn signed her insurance forms?

I have one friend who is into anonymous sex hookups and meets men and women all of the time at out of the way places and no one knows. I fear for her. she was sexually abused as a child.

I have another friend whose unemployed middle-aged boyfriend died of melanoma three months after diagnosis. after he died, women started coming out of the woodwork and it turns out that he was cheating on her the entire time they were together, and even while she was caring for him when he was sick and then dying.

this guy was unemployed and had been for years, and was basically supported by his family (not the high life at all) and doing odd jobs.

I had always wondered what he did all day, as he didn't work, and when the info about the women started to come out (they emailed the brother, who told my friend), things fell into place.

he was not good looking, was stingy, etc. etc., and was emotionally abusive to my friend and no doubt to the other women as well. but, he still had his own little harem. ugh.

selenakyle said...

He's gross and people are straight-up FREAKS in this world.


And IIRC a lot of people (myself included) immediately thought Robyn's boyfriend had something to do with her disappearance, for which I am shamed.

Sorry, Mr. boyfriend! And sorry for your loss, but it sounds like you are maybe better off without her (no disrespect to the deceased).

ablake said...

She looks like she has a mustache.

You know, if I were a mistress for 3somes, I don't think I would go running to the media and tell them about it. Especially if it involves a missing person/murder case.

But hey, that's just me

bluebonnetmom said...

There are battery operated devices out there that are more arousing than this man. Probably better and you will live another day. : ( There are some women in this world I would just like to bitch slap the stupid out of.

Sunnyhorse said...

Are we absolutely certain that Robyn wasn't a working girl? (This would in no way excuse what happened to her, but it certainly explains the situation better than the circumstances we currently know about.)

MnGddess said...

I agree with timebob. What the hell is it with that island?

Lelaina Pierce said...

^Well, Joran got off b/c of his dad's connections. But I think the police there are also incompetent, lazy and corrupt.

This lady looks like Danielle Staub w/ a blonde wig.

How about the women that sent love letters to people like Scott Peterson & Joran while they were in prison? People are crazy.

Binky Melnik said...

Putting aside the man's obvious creepiness for a moment, most women don't judge men on their looks. That's what men do. Most of us judge men on their character.

I remember meeting the homeliest man I'd ever laid eyes on. I felt terrible for him. Within five minutes, I was hopelessly smitten. All these years later, we're still friends, and when I see him, my girl parts tingle.


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