Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

Two of my favorite people, Ileana Douglas and Mary Lynn Rajskub who looks like she must be working out like four times a day.
Another favorite, Julie Warner. She was thisclose to being huge.
It's almost time for a Harold & Kumar Christmas. What they need is for Bad Santa to make a cameo.
You know you are way too into each other when you wear matching hats.
Kristen Bell does some press.
Apparently Mischa Barton likes her steak raw.
Is that a pleather jacket, Malcolm Jamal Warner is wearing?
Iron Chef Morimoto. Still my favorite.
Nicole Richie doing what she does all the time. Working out.
Penelope Cruz on the set of her latest movie.


Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Theo Huxtable looks fly as hell. And I believe he's wearing some sort of shiny sateen jacket? Doesn't look like pleather to me.

Every time I see Ileana, I think "Nearer, Father. Nearer. Nearer, Father. Nearer." Her pretentious Art teacher in Ghost World was DEAD ON.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Malcolm's suit is one of those with shiny finish. NOT pleather. Actually, they're pretty popular. He does look good.

Mango said...

What is that bizarro Mischa/meat photo about? Ironically, she looks good and not as puffy as she's looked in the past.

timebob said...

I really wish Jen would have her own personality. Instead she just morphs herself into the man she is dating. It is kinda disturbing.

RocketQueen said...

I think that Mischa photo was taken by Terry (pervert) Richardson. There is such a disgusting exploitative undertone to every picture he takes of women.

I can't name one thing Rajskub was in right now (and didn't know her name), but I always enjoy when I see her on screen.

Aly said...

Sweet Home Alabama, for one.

Treesap-Covered Lady, the Humanist said...

Y'all should check out the other pictures Terry took of Mischa on Dlisted. More of the same theme; however, Michael K. nailed it when he brought up how gross and methy her molars look.

timebob said...

@RQ the photos were done by Tyler Sheilds. He dances on the line of being exploitive and artistic. He did the photos of Lindsay when she was trying to push the Linda Lovelace movie.

this is his website.


RocketQueen said...

Ah, thanks, timebob. I remember Shields now. He's not much better, is he?

bluebonnetmom said...

Mischa looks pretty good. Maybe she is getting it together. Nicole is TINY.

Carrie L. said...

Morimoto!!! LOVE him. His restaurant is amazing, & we've been to the Philadelphia & NYC locations. Best food we've ever had in our lives. My husband (who seems to share a lot in common with Enty's food preferences) never gets giddy about food, but after his first bite of Morimoto's white fish carpaccio, his face lit up in a way I had never seen in the ten years we had been together. Took my brother there too, and same reaction. Very pricey, but it's worth sacrificing anything you can just to experience his food once! If I get a choice on a last meal on this planet, I know where I'm going.

jen said...

I love Mary Lynn Rajskub - SALT THE SNAIL! SALT THE SNAIL!

I had to look up Julie Warner - I remember her on Nip/Tuck. Is there a story to why she never became huge, Enty?

Ugh, Jen & Justin look RIDIculous. Matching hats?!?! C'MON...how can you NOT be embarrassed to go out like that?! LOL!

hamster party said...

Omg, Mary Lynn Rajskub <3 Love her! Her legs look amazing, love the dress and the colors! No one from Mr. Show can do wrong in my book (unless, of course, they do something egregiously horrible...)

Ugh, creepy Uncle Terry can take Misha and Lohan and just circle-jerk themselves away, out of sight of the public >:P

Green Tara said...

The photos from the Ikea "Easy to Assemble" party reminded me that I don't think you've ever featured one of my favorite actors, Robert Patrick. I know he was at this party; how about a little RP love???

parissucksliterally said...

The dressing alike shit is bothering me. Come on Jen, you're better than that.

Ever think Nicole sometime wears that stuff while she runs errands, Enty? She doesn't work out 6 hrs a day. She'd be way more muscular/toned than she is.

Sherry said...

@RQ..My first thought was TR as the photgrapher as well. He creeps me out but guess it's not him according to timebob. And what is that thing the lady w/Morimoto is holding? Looks like a bronzed turd. Sorry that was my first thought.

Lelaina Pierce said...

Mary Lynn was on 24, also. She comes across hilarious interviews. We've talked about that here before re: her days working at the Hard Rock Cafe & waiting on dickish celebs. :)

Dressing like your significant other is super lame, JEN.

Artsy or not...that pic of Mischa is gross.

Someone I was with this weekend said they got Penelope Cruz & Sofia Vergara confused??!! All I could think about was "HOW??" and the awful Family Guy bit about her looking like a horse.

__-__=__ said...

Oh no, not Mischa with Tyler Shields. I guess she's not going to make it. Sad. At this point she, and Lohan, aren't even trying.

It's a "shark skin" jacket. Cool.


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