Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rick Ross Had A Bad Day

Rick Ross suffered two different seizures on two different plane rides yesterday. He was on his way from Fort Lauderdale to Memphis, when shortly after the plane took off he suffered a seizure. The plane made an emergency landing and Rick was taken to the hospital where he was deemed ok to fly and still head out to perform at a concert.

So, everyone got on board a private plane to continue their journey and shortly after that plane took off, Rick had another seizure. Now, Rick wants to still perform tonight, but I think maybe the guy should get some rest and see what is causing these.


shehlaS said...
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FrenchGirl said...

he wants to workkk!

Lelaina Pierce said...

Two seizures?? Yeah, I'd say he needs to cancel his shows.

i said...

I don't believe the 100 blunts. It's socially more acceptable to say. Builds up his cred as well. He is rumored to be a hardcore cokehead, and he's the size of a walrus. Big bodies and coke don't mix. Add some serious fried foods, some booze, a lack of rest and I'd wager his blood pressure is leaking out of every open orifice.


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