Friday, October 14, 2011

Manzo Sisters No Longer Speaking

Can't any set of sisters on a Real Housewives show get along? Taking a cue from their Beverly Hills counterparts, Caroline and Dina Manzo are no longer speaking. That is one of the things that will be talked about on Sunday during the reunion show. I did not watch much of the season, but the reunion show boils all the best parts down for me into an hour or two anyway, so why bother? Anyway, it seems the two stopped talking because of Teresa Giudice. Does anyone like her anymore? Apparently Dina does because Dina and Teresa are best buddies and since Caroline can't stand Teresa anymore then Dina has ex-communicated Dina from the church of Teresa.


Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

Damn. Now I know too much and I'm only on the early stages of Season 3! Why does Caroline dislike Teresa so much now? Because she realised what a mess she is? Can anyone shed some light for me?

Tempestuous Grape said...

Ehhh, I'm not sure I believe that. I'm surprised Dina is even talking to Tree. Once she sees her last book, she won't be.

selenakyle said...

Well, Caroline did try to make Jacqueline stop being friends with Danielle in the first season. Caroline bosses her whole family around, always has.

But Tre is a freaking lunatic and I cannot WAIT for the Reunion show!

Jeri said...

In Touch Weekly has a story about Teresa every damn week. They must have some kind of a deal. Most of the stories are just lame.

Unknown said...

first you were talking...then you were not...then you were talking!
f-ing love that Milania song!!

Susan said...

Oh, Enty. You are SO late on this. I've been dying for you to cover Jersey Housewives so that I can tawk it over with the awesome CDAN readers.

These Jersey bitches are cray cray. I mean really, we can't even cover all the craziness in this one post.

You can tell throughout this whole season that Caroline wants nothing to do with Teresa. I believe Dina and Teresa were really tight to begin with. Dina is a godmother to one of Tre's children.

It seems a lot of people think Caroline is really jealous of Teresa's success.

There all assholes in my book, and yet I watch.... go figure.

Mango said...

This is the one housewives show that I just can't quit.

These "ladies" all pretend to be a lot closer than they really are IRL so I was never sure which housewives were actual friends, but I'm surprised that Dina is tight with Tre. Dina seems *somewhat* refined but Tre, well, Tre can't even pronounce "ingredients".

Robert said...

@Susan: Watching this show is like eating salt and vinegar potato chips--I love 'em and hate 'em at the same time.

Lelaina Pierce said...

@Robert - That is a good analogy! :)

Enty, Jersey housewives are very entertaining.

I couldn't figure out why Dina would choose Tree over her own sister. One theory from one of those housewives blogs is that Dina/Tree are in a mutually beneficial relationship and Tree is going to be on Celebrity Apprentic & Dina is hoping Tree names her charity as who she supports?

__-__=__ said...

These women are such trash I am ashamed I even know who they are! I feel bad for their kids.


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