Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

So, Armani and Vanity Fair had this party last night and for some reason lined celebrities up against a white wall like they were at a Sears portrait studio on buy one get one free night. It could also be the wall of a garage.

Emma Stone looks way younger in this than she is.

With that background, it is like Jessica Alba is posing for her Realtor of the year photo.
Another solo night for Katie Holmes and another big smile.
Looks like Brie Larson snagged her dress on something. Oh, do you think it is supposed to look like that?
Josh Hartnett recreating every photo I have ever seen of Lee Harvey Oswald.
Chord Overstreet looks great. He should have a guy walk behind him holding a white wall.
James Marsden does the all black thing.
So, the Goopster is in a new movie where she gets to exercise all the time and
make out with Mark Ruffalo.
Speaking of exercising, that is Hilary Swank jogging in Santa Monica.


figgy said...

Say what you want about her butterface (which I think is a cute face, actually), but Hilary Swank has the best, fittest, and most natural/not-plastic-looking body in Hollywood.

ForSure said...

Hillary needs a real sports bra. Even us teacup sized ladies need a real bra with real cups, especially when running, NOT those speed bump compression things which can actually do more harm than good (courtesy the Bra Whisperer).

Momster said...

I would make out with Mark Ruffalo. Even with his white sock showing.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Katie is laughing because she saw a reflection of her outfit (and doesn't yet realize it's her).

@FS, "bra whisperer," I giggled when I read that.

M. said...

I bet Suri was having guests over and told Katie there were serving cupcakes at that event to get her out of the house. (My new favorite vice is the new Surisburnbook site, sorry, Enty!)

I would have loved to have seen the interaction between Katie Holmes and Josh Harnett, though...Maybe that was the reason for her big smile?

M. said...

they were, not there

RocketQueen said...

I'm pretty sure I've seen Katie wearing that jumpsuit before...isn't that illegal in Hollywood? To wear something twice?

Everytime I see Swank, I can't help but think of that Office episode - the entirety of which revolved around the workers voting on whether Hilary was hot or not.

I have never found Marsden attractive. I know theoretically he should be...he just isn't.

ForSure said...

She was on Oprah, I can never remember her name just that she calls herself the Bra Whisperer. She dislikes those 'sports bras' should because they are bad for women. She has boutique bra shops where they do fittings and stuff. I'm going to make an appointment one of these days but none of the bras they sell are cheap.

mooshki said...

I wasn't a fan of Marsden until 'Death at a Funeral.' He was the standout of an incredible cast.

chopchop said...

Emma Stone's dress looks like the background of my 7th grade school picture. You know, the one where I'm also superimposed looking thoughtful on the side?

And I think Jessica Alba's face looks different. Did she get some work done along with the postpartum tummy tuck?

Jason Blue Eyes said...

I like Brie Larson.

Anonymous said...

@FS, :( I'm going to pretend you made it up because it's funnier to me. But kudos to giving credit.

Lelaina Pierce said...

@ChopChop - I like Emma's dress! But I totally know what you're talking about. :)

@FS - I think I probably need a bra whisperer. I watched a bra special on Oprah once (can't remember if The BW was on it or not?) but seems like a lot of the ones she recommended were like $80 each??

canadachick said...

Katie looks happy lately....contract up..or renogiated? (yes i totally spelled that wrong and i dont' care :)

lutefisk said...

Josh and Suri have the same face.

Jasmine said...

When you compare Zellweger's runners body to Swanks, you can REALLY see the difference in terms of health.

I think Renee has a stringy grisled emaciated body that clearly shows she is not injesting enough cals to sustain her excessive excerise.

Swank is thin but her thighs have some thickness to them, as does her ass. I feel like Renee would never allow her thighs/legs to be as 'thick' as Hilary's. Which is lame.

I feel like Renee runs to maintain her extreme thin state and Hilary looks like she runs for health and she isnt afraid to eat more than coke off a mirror like Renee. Such a shame too cause Renee was purrrfect in Jerry Maguire---

Jasmine said...

btw I continue to be unimpressed by POOPs celebrity. She is simply another tall overly thin rich white privileged woman who does nothing for me.

I actually really dislike her now.

Its like Marie Antoinette being a celebrity.


Wil said...

One more reason to hate Gynnie ..

jax said...

hartnett and holmes together again.
he sure does look a lot like Suri.

Danielle said...

I'm sorta on the fence about the whole 'Suri being Josh's kid' thing. Only because I really think she's going to wind up with Tom's nose.. might not seem it just yet cuz she's still tiny but I kinda see the start of it happening. That said, whoever's kid she is she is a beautiful one at that. ;)


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