Friday, July 26, 2013

Eliot Spitzer's Wife To File For Divorce

According to The NY Post, the wife of Eliot Spitzer is finished standing by her man. Kind of. The long suffering wife of the hooker lover will do him one last solid and wait until his campaign is over before filing for divorce, but, once it has ended so has their marriage. Apparently with him running for office again, all of the old stories being talked about all the time is just too much for her and she does not want to relive everything and hear about the hookers and why he never takes his socks off when having sex with hookers and how much he spent on them and why he prefers them to his wife. What she should really do is file while the campaign is going on. That would get him. He and Anthony Weiner do make quite the team in NYC.


Entyonamobile said...

I love run-on sentences!!!

Sarah said...

Why would she file before he gets re-elected? That doesn't pay alimony or child support. I don't blame her for wanting to get paid, either. What a dick.

libbyonamobile said...

I love smelling MY arm pit!!! And helping MY bf reshingle the roof!

White.God.of.Fuck said...

Silda Spitzer is more intelligent than Elliot and a woman of substance. I have always wondered why she stood by her whoremonger husband when she could have kicked him to the curb, cashed out, and had her pick of men in Manhattan society. Now that all the kids are off to college, however, I understand why she's divorcing. Spitzer is worth about a billion dollars - and she gets half - and she doesn't even have to fuck his small slimy penis.

How much you want to bet he's fucked hookers since he resigned as Governor?

Rosemary Young said...

@Massive G: Silda stayed b/c she abandoned her law career to become a full-time politician's wife. If she'd divorced Elliot, Silda would have lost both her marriage and her "job." Cf. Donna Hanover.

VIPblonde said...

So if they ran on the same ticket, would it be Spitzer Weiner, or Weiner Spitzer?

FlirtyChick74 said...

This sounds like the tail end of some rather lengthy negotiations.

SophiaB said...

Hahahahahahahahaha. WeinerSpitzer has a ring to it. @VIP u slay me!

Seahorse said...

It struck me that the entire post never addressed Silda by name, thought it was odd....that being said I am glad she is getting out at some point. The grief stricken look on her face when she stood with him at that press conference where He did his Ho-fession was just so sad to see. Myself I liked Jenny Sanford's response to cheating she moved out and moved on

Seahorse said...

@vip you are en fuego! Wish you had a blog of your own!

Anon said...

How much you wanna bet Clinton Fucks around. I'm thinking Weiner's wife stays because she's messing with Hillary and doesn't want media scrutiny.

Unknown said...

I'd read it, for sure....this one is starting to get old

sandybrook said...

I hate to tell Enty the marriage was over the day shithead resigned as gov. She has not been by his side since.

Anon said...

There's that San Diego mayor who having woman after woman coming out the woodwork accusing him of sexual harassment.
Shit's funny because he's a prominent Democrat but democrats like Nancy Pelosi have yet to publicly condemn him or ask him to resign.

DewieTheBear said...

Does this post really not mention Silda by name once?

rajahcat said...

I'm sure she lawyered up for a great settlement shortly after he was "exposed". Part of the original deal I'd bet.

auntliddy said...

Jc- he's still a scuz whether she calls him on it or not.
The thing that stood out for m when spitz resigned with silda next to him, was that HE acted very annoyed with HER! Never touched her, walked ahead of her,never looked at her. I always wondered what that was about.

Anonymous said...

why would she stick around? Why do him any more favors?

Anon said...

Negative. This is the Democrats, they're pro- female , anti/ sexism , you know , everything the Republicans aren't but they got this dude who's running rampant making them look bad .

Remember, the Dems forced Weiner to resign and all that fool did was sextext with a bunch females. He didn't break a law. He was just a low-level congressman.

The SD mayor is just as worse as Clinton in office but democratic females take the wait -and-see approach when it's one of their own.

Anon said...

The thing that stood out for m when spitz resigned with silda next to him, was that HE acted very annoyed with HER! Never touched her, walked ahead of her,never looked at her. I always wondered what that was about.
Prolly annoyed with her . I know a guy who works a 2nd job not because his family needs the money but because he can't stand being around his wife.

Some guys hope their wives catch them cheating so they would leave but those heffas stay around. Women have a high tolerance for bullshit.

Honey Bunny said...


Anonymous said...

aint enough "IM SORRYS" to get over that

thats too much

MISCH said...

They've been separated for a while now.

lazyday603 said...

I can't imagine anything less interesting than the sex lives of public officials. Whoever broke the Gary Hart story back in the day Fuck You. Before that scandal we never had to hear about the carnal activities of balding old men.

Squeezebox said...

just curious - the reason the Democratic Party leaders aren't speaking out is because they and their fellow Democrats never ran on a fake 'family values' platform, never claimed to be holier-than-thou, and aren't flaming hypocrites. All of that applies to the Republicans. When YOUR party's politicians are caught violating their supposed religious and family values, you guys don't give two shits, and re-elect them. Such as Diaper Dave Vitter, who paid hookers to dress him in diapers, and Mark Sanford of the "Hiking the Appalachian Trail" excuse for disappearing when he ran off with his mistress.

If anyone should be held accountable, it should be those politicians who made their religious beliefs and so-called family values political issues in their campaigns. That's the Republicans, not the Democrats.

And that, just curious, is why most Democrats couldn't care less what our political leaders do in the sack - with their partners or anyone else's. They never claimed virtue as a political issue, and we never expected it from them.

But we DO expect it from Republicans, because they claimed it. So we gleefully shame the sleazy, lying, cheating hypocrites infesting the Republican party. The only people who vote for them are people who are just like them - folks who pretend to be godly and upright, yet who lie, cheat, and steal. That's what you are, so that's who you choose to lead your party.

Anon said...

Family values????
Anytime you see a politician out in public holding hands with wife, he's preaching family values. He's telling you that his wife is the only woman he's fuck during their entire marriage.
That why wives and children campaign and speak on behalf of their husbands. They're telling you to vote for he because he's such a wonderful husband/father. They tell you about the man not the politician.

If the Dems didn't care what the politicians did in the sack , there wouldn't be such outcry over Weiner right now .
Remember Gary Hart and John Edwards dropped out of running for Prez because they were stupid.

SD mayor,Bob Filner is accused of sexual harassment including unwanted fondling and groping of females .
That's a sex crime, you Know Big Ben in the ladies restroom.

You gonna promote yourself as girl-friendly when you got guys like Filner running around you do nothing???!!!! You're part of the

I grew up Democrat like most Blackfolks but they're no different than the Repubs.

The same racism and sexism that Dems throw at the Republicans go on in their party.

They just reach out to negroes to further their own agenda but if they fail... They blame us.
We fall for it everytime:-(

Anon said...

Gary Hart hung hiimself by his own rope. He said he was denied the rumors he was fooling around and invited the media to follow him around. That's exactly what they did.

You can google a pic of Donna Rice sitting on Gary's lap . He even looks like a old fool.

PookieTwo said...

@jc Pelosi did speak out yesterday about Weiner and the SD mayor, said she was disgusted fwiw.

And MassiveG - Silda isn't getting a half billion from Spitzer, even though she deserves it. Most of his fortune is inherited therefore off limits.

Anon said...

Yeah after some prodding , last week she dodged the issue . Notice she said they needed some help, what no criminal charges against Filner? If the accusers are telling the truth , he's committing sexual assault.
Pelosi was asked if Weiner should run for mayor of NY. Again, she gave the safe answer : " that's for the people of NY to decide."

Anon said...

Seriously, this isn't a political party issue , you know why men like Weiner, Clinton,Filner and the Kennedys get away with so much when it comes to females? Because women like the Pelosis,Hillary and their wives allow them to do so.
Those Queen Bees, those career minded women are more concern with their own well being to pay attention to some female at the bottom of the totem pole.
They don't care.

Alita said...

"They just reach out to negroes to further their own agenda but if they fail... They blame us."

Huh? Blame for what?

Anon said...


Prop 8 , the California Gay ban against same sex marriage in 2008. The "polls" said Black Democrats were the demo that upheld the ban .Rolling Stone magazine did a great article on that bullshit.

'94 Republican party gained control of both the House and Senate during Clinton's first term.Something they hadn't done in 30 something years at the
time.White Democrats blamed black democrats for
not getting the vote out

SophiaB said...

That is crap. He is being told to resign all over the place. Read the news before making baseless statements eh?

SophiaB said...

I knew the Dems would demand the SD mayor resign due to the harrassment. They did. Your argument does not hold water JC. I REALLY REALLY REALLY GET that there is plenty of reason to be pissed off at the pervasive racism, but your refusal to even get or acknowledge how many white people are just as pissed off and horrified as you are just makes you look narrowminded and racist yourself. A little nuance goes a long way to building credibility.

I was raised a Dem and left in disgust when I realized they were totally in on the fix in 2000 when Al Gore refused to fight for his rightfully won election. I am so unhappy here in Canada but deeply relieved I am no longer in the US. I despair over the almost wilfull cluelessness of the American population, but I don't assume EVERYONE is ignorant.

@JC, I honestly think your deductive reasoning is off and that is why noone agrees with you. I would say more about why I feel entitled to engage you on this subject matter but I will just stick to the missing logic in your specious accusations that have no basis in reality.

Personally? I have come to the point where I wish the whole human race would erase itself. We have fucked up this planet royally. The nuclear contamination from Fukushima alone is likely to render the Pacific Ocean uninhabitable. Our death wish seems unstoppable. The fact that there are hundreds more aging nuclear power plants that we have no idea how to handle just leaves me deeply depressed. This experiment has been a FAIL. I recently saw a photo of an EIGHT-LEGGED CAT walking around near Chernobyl. It seemed just fine and dandy and even healthy. My mind is just completely shattered. We have played with fire and we are gonna lose this battle bigtime.

So my disagreement with you, JC, is that you are wasting your time, energy, and intellect spouting off on things that aren't even true, when there is LOTS MORE for you to be pissed off and concerned about-like the survival of life on planet Earth.

SophiaB said...

Actually, that election was manipulated, as so many are. It successfully stirred up resentment and is one of the reasons I stopped voting entirely.

I have been an election integrity advocate for more than a decade. I also believe in publicly funded elections.

The FACT of the matter is that electronic voting machines are so easily hacked that you might as well sign your voter card with spit for all it is worth.

I get so frustrated at the lack of attention this issue is paid.

One of the great side benefits to the theft is now we can blame the black folk! Score!! Triple bonus win.

Anyone who WANTS to know about all of this can go to and read independent journalist Brad Friedman's extensive FACT BASED reportage on the whole disgusting situation. There are documentaries galore on the topic as well. We can only fix this problem by working together.


Jocasta said...

Well hello, Monday!
The political system's been rigged since before our great grand parents were born.
I'm 56 years old and have YET to see an honest election. But when you can be a Joe Kennedy and make money rum running illegally in the 1920s so that your sons can be safely padded enough to run for office...well...actually I don't mind that.
Both Kennedy brothers fought for black people's rights.
Still...dirty money. And it will NEVER change.
It's not even worth arguing any longer...don't vote with an electronic device...send for an early voting form and send it by registered mail.
Former postal worker here, send it certified if you think there's corruption in your city/state.
I seldom even comment here and I visit once every few months, but politics has always been dirty.
It will all ways BE dirty.
We can fix it or we can bitch about it. Either way. DIRTY.


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