Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Random Photos Part Three

Apparently Janice Dickinson would like you to know she is super dry. Must be her deodorant.

Jonah Hill is wearing the shirt of a naval vessel, or he has been named one.
John Stamos tries his hand at waiting tables. Got good tips. He put out.
Kathy Griffin heading out to dinner last night.
And the staged photo of the day, that was probably not even taken recently goes to Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian.
Madonna at a funeral. And dressed like she meant it.
Miley Cyrus is now spreading her love to Germany.
Megan Fox likes to pretend she is a Secret Service agent and holds her hand up to her ear all the time.
Nicole Appleton does not really seem fazed about kicking her husband, Liam Gallagher out.


Count Jerkula said...

I was gettin scared with this one.




Kelly said...

I really like Miley, but she is starting to annoy me just by the way she looks lately.

The Dude said...

Miley,looks like Gilligan!

Rose said...

Is Megan Fox in the middle of a scene? She's holding a microphone like a news reporter.

That's the only photo I've ever seen of Khloe where she looks like Kim.

SkittleKitty said...

Maybe BAG implanted a tracking/communications device in Megan's head and is giving her instructions for the next hour of her life.

MichaelaK said...

So... today's entern:

*Janice Dickinson is a dried out old hag.

*Jonah Hill is fat.

*Jon Stamos is a man-whore.

*Kathy Griffin eats.

*Khloe & Lamar stage smooch.

*Madonna is a b* for dressing down to attend a funeral.

*Miley is spreading her love? Is that a euphemism?

*Megan Fox's bluetooth means she thinks she's a spy.

*A wife who's been cheated on is not allowed to smile.

You need a refresher course in snark.

New Life and Attitude said...

No shame in Nicole being happy that she kicked her cheater of a husband out.

libby said...

I wish Madonna would trend more toward this kind of grown-up look, when not performing. At least when she's walking around with Lourdes. There seems to be a point where the mother needs to let her daughter shine, and Madge just won't let go of outrageous/half nude/LOOK AT MEEEE!!!!

The Lola/Madge dynamic gives me fears of a "Mommie Dearest" situation--NOT as in abuse, but as in holding the daughter back/forever competing because mom can't step aside. I SO hope I'm wrong wrong wrong.

kerri said...

Khloe looks stoned out of her mind. Bless.

Meg said...

I saw the photo of Jonah Hill and thought it was Chaz Bono.

Count Jerkula said...

@Meg: I've done the same in the past. It is kinda disturbing. I bet Chaz could take him in a fight.

Unknown said...

Anyone noticed the Janice Dickinson ankle biter/white sock/loafer combo?
If she's trying to make that look cool, then she needs to stop

Miss Behavin said...

Does Megan Fox have hearing loss? It's possible she wears hearing aids. I have a very small hearing aid that sits discretely in my ear canal. If someone was constantly taking my picture I would often have my hand up next to my ear changing the volume. Not everyone with hearing loss is elderly. I had to start using them in my mid-30's.

Anonymous said...

Janice is of the age where I've heard your cooch does dry out. She should shop around for a lube endorsement (or for old lady bladder control panties)


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