Monday, August 13, 2018

Your Turn

Favorite Sirius/XM channel.


Former CNN Anchor Candy Crowley said...

What do you call a masturbating cow?

Beef Stroganoff

Brayson87 said...

What that's still around?

sandybrook said...

Siriously Sinatra and all the sports play by p!ay..

Dena said...

1st Wave is my jam.

Simon said...

Howard stern

Moose said...

1) Soultown
2) First Wave
3) Met Opera Radio
4) Siriusly Sinatra
5) Holiday Traditions (all year Christmas stream!)

sandybrook said...

I just found 1st wave yesterday I was looking for a new wave station there, didn't trust 80s on 8 to be it

MDAnderson said...

Fly and 1st wave

Chase said...

1) 1st Wave
2) Lithium
3) Classic Vinyl
4) Patriot

Glitter said...


Unknown said...

I still can't believe people pay for radio. It comes through the air for free, you know.

Dena said...

@sandy - 1st Wave is way better than 80's 0n 8 imo, but I liked the bad synth stuff better than rock back then.

Moose said...

@Cail - not sure what it is like where you live, but Philadelphia commercial radio sucks anymore. About the only decent stations are WXPN (Penn's station, which is adult alternative), and WRTI (Temple's station, which is classical during the day, and jazz at night). And the commercial interruptions are unbearable.

I'd rather spend $10/month for uninterrupted quality music pretty much tailored to my listening taste.

sandybrook said...

Cail some SiriusXM stations are free off their website. Paying for it makes it commercial free too, so it's basically non stop entertainment.
Dena I loved new wave back then better than rock\hair metal. I appreciate rock from then more now and enjoy it.

ihavenocomment said...

Comedy Channel.


I love 'Jeff Lewis Live."
He's freaking hilarious.

schweetyfleety said...

Willie’s Roadhouse

Unknown said...

@Moose, that's fair. I might too, if I listened to the radio more. I hope it doesn't go the same way pay TV did, to where now there are more ads on cable than on free broadcast TV -- which a lot of young people don't even know still exists.

RedVelvetBoots said...

Any of the music channels play the same songs over and over. Didn't see the advantage to satellite radio.

DavidHowesCREBroker said...


My favorite channel expired when Sirius told me my lifetime membership expired.

Don't need it.
Don't want it.

So many other free listening options/Apps out there.

Thorne said...

XMU and 1st Wave

Thorne said...

Oh, and Faction Talk because Jason Ellis. Gossip lovers should listen- he and his guests drop some good nuggets sometimes

Sd Auntie said...

Soul town, lithium new wave and Willies Roadhouse. Coffee House, 70's and studio 54. I get for free during trials . FM radio is horrible!

bleacherbunny said...


love_to_boat said...

29 - JamOn
30 - Dave Matthews Channel
23 - Grateful Dead
34 - Lithium when that annoying Madison isn't on

Chase said...

My wife used to laugh that I paid for radio in my vehicle. Then she got it in her new car and wonders how she lived without it. Commercial radio is almost unlistenable anymore and the state of popular music is abysmal. Even my rap loving teens love it. However the music they listen to is vile with unacceptable language as it isn't censored on Sirius. For the I almost demand they listen to commercial radio.
Also if you drive long distances Sirius remains with you anywhere you are, like road tripping with a friend. It's actually odd how much I like it.

Moose said...

@love-to-boat...Madison is the absolute worst. She was on mornings on First Wave for years, but now they have Larry the Duck in the morning, who is actually quite good.

Now, if only they would dump Sir Richard Blade.

Lo Key says stop with the censorship already! said...

Liquid Metal
Hair Nation
80s on 8 (what?!?)

xandohsa said...

Willie's Roadhouse FTW!

Cary Gaul said...

80's, 90's, PopRocks, Lithium and 1st Wave

Sagan said...

What, am I the only one who will admit the only time they turn on their factory-installed XM radio is when it's a long weekend/holiday FREE listen? Otherwise, it's not on in my car.

Used to listen to 40s on 4, 60s on 6, 70s on 7, Deep Tracks, Chrome, Pops, Symphony Hall - wasn't there a Disco-only channel, like 54 for Studio 54?

hothotheat said...

Classic Rewind
Classic Vinyl

Barbotus said...

1st Wave and Alt Nation. I only pay for satellite so that I can listen to my hometown sports teams when out of town. Which is a lot.

splatford said...

Ozzy's boneyard
liquid metal

when My senior citizen neighbors are in
their yards being nosey I blast Sympony hall
or opera and after a few minutes i switch to liquid metal..From Verdi to Behemoth lol the looks on their faces is priceless

FA said...

1. Outlaw Country
2. Classic Vinyl
3. Classic Rewind
4. Deep Tracks
5. 70's
6. 1st Wave

redhotpepper said...

Octane is on most often. Occasionally, I'll listen to 1st Wave. It is great on a road trip. No futzing with the channels every 5 minutes to find something within range.

Rob Horine said...

Big 80s.

Still have a crush on Martha Quinn.

Freckles said...

Classic Vinyl & Tom Petty

Gally said...

Am I the first person to profess my love for The Spectrum? That and the Grateful Dead channel are nearly the only two I need.

Rome said...

1st Wave. Richard Blade is terrific and I’m also a fan of Dark Wave on the same channel. Can’t hear enough Depeche Mode & The Smiths.

ToobisTheZebra said...

Howard 100, BPM & Lithium

Danielle said...

All respondents should try VOLUME! Something for everyone.

Fifi LaRue said...

None. I got Sirius free with my car purchase.
How many times a day can a person listen to Cher sing Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves?
Yeah, three top Cher hits every day, at least once, if not twice.
People pay for that s _ _ t?

Muckduck said...

lithium and 90s on 9

Unknown said...

1. Broadway
2. 70's
3. Met Opera
4. Comedy

We live far enough out of town that we get very limited radio stations. I spend a lot of time running between work sites, so to me, it's worth the small amount I pay for month to have lots of options.

Jennacheryl said...

Joel Osteen
Hits 1

Nick Rivers said...

1st Wave
The Spectrum
The Bridge
Radio Classics (Johnny Dollar, Suspense, Gunsmoke, X-Minus One)
40s Junction
'50s on 5 / '60s on 6 / '70s on 7 / '80s on 8 / '90s on 9
Classic Rewind
BBC World Service

Used to love BBC Radio 1, but they took that off the air a few years back. You know, because it was popular and people enjoyed it. Bastards.


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