Monday, December 10, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #2

December 3, 2018

That streaming service has been taking heat for months about a new series making underage prostitution seem glam and fun.  An executive has gone on record calling it “edgy”. Whenever the press asks questions, the streaming service doesn’t even try to defend what they’re doing. They just don’t care.



sandybrook said...

This is the title of this interview: Netflix’s ’Baby’ Director Andrea De Sica: Teen Sex Trafficking Is Not Glamorous

sandybrook said...

how much are you and Hedge losing on this short Enty?

Davina David said...

Of course it's Netflix...part of the worldwide Pedo network. Who's in charge over there?

jj said...

that show is so good

jj said...

Also it definitely doesn’t glamorize it...their lives are falling apart. I can see how if a teenager watched the show they may think that going to clubs and partying is fun but the prostitution part they get sucked into is sad and not fun.

AkhaldanSolo said...

It's called DESENSITIZATION, in 30 years it's not going to matter what you old fuckers thought the Overton Window has already slid so far to the left for tons of these millennials you neo-cons are going to SHRIEK at the zombies that are being created right now while all YOUR latent programming comes into conflict with everything you do and starts breaking you down.

AkhaldanSolo said...

You wanted to ignore the controlled opposition (church marms) that were casually telling you the explicit lyrics in "Rock and Roll" and "Hip-Hop" weren't changing the moral character of it's listeners but here we are decades later and we have writers like Dave McGowan and LogosMedia, and even Miles Mathis when he isn't sucking his own dick that are telling us out entire culture is a manufactured reality out of the psychological think tanks of England, the Tavistock Institute.

Our education and entertainment has been geared in such a way for so long over the decades that people do not even recognize the psychological programming inside the entertainment and schooling system. With the combination of drugs and constant repetition and overstimulation, along with the false flags we have a nation of highly irrational and multipolared crazy people.

We have people like David Geffen that run multibillion dollar mind control empires and Rick Rubin who purchased Harry Houdini's Laurel Canyon home to hold seances and satanic rituals in. We have high school musical productions with an undertone of pedophilia run by child porn producers. We have Rockefeller funded schools and Hollywood is nothing but one huge propaganda arm of the CIA and the Ambient MKULTRA that is embedded in all entertainment.

It's more like Logan's Run than you could ever imagine.

AbbyRock said...

Haven't seen the show and probably won't. That said, if a parent is offended by programming, pay attention to what your children are watching. If you're worried about them watching it at a friend's house, talk to those parents. The thing is no one can control everything their teenaged children watch. All any parent can do is their best.

Unknown said...

Oh, christ, go back to 4chan you freak.

KnitWit said...

Turn off the TV and read books with your children. Encourage children to think for themselves. Most intelligent sane people realize tv is entertainment. If parents don't want their children "brainwashed" they should encourage intelligent discourse instead of vegetating in front of the television.

Haven't seen the show, yet. Can't imagine too many young ladies being inspired to be used and abused by strange older men.

Brayson87 said...

@Akhaldan, Enough with raising awareness, what are the solutions? Don't need more walks/marches that accomplish nothing but raising money to raise more awareness by having more walks/marches.

Brayson87 said...

It's going to get nuts when Disney comes out swinging and hopefully Amazon has bulked up it's offerings to be more than the PBS of streaming. Is Netflix going to be able to keep the top of the heap or will it get clobbered?

Gina Bina said...

I tried to watch this film the other day, but it was made in Italian and the dubbing of their voices is horrible, it doesn't match their lips so i had to turn it off.

Kimberley said...

@Unknown - Akhaldan isn't a freak, his eyes are wide open. He has posted here for a long time. He is telling you the truth, which if you did some research would probably make your brain explode. Enough with the lazy '4chan insults. I'm only vaguely surprised that you didn't use the other obvious phrase 'tin foil hat.'

Mahogany1 said...

Is it a remake of Brooke Shields movie?

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Depeche Model said...

Kimberly, you're a retarded zombie, who's found her leader in this mouth frothing nutter.

One could argue the exact opposite about western culture: child prostitution has been around for millennia everywhere, especially impoverished cultures would sell off their children into slavery. This still happens, but not in the west. It happens all over the muslim Middle, Asia and Africa. TODAY. With the west actively importing these cultures, and not wanting to be called 'racist', we are collaborating with cultures to degenerate our own, diluting our moral and ethical values, and taking huge steps backwards.
I mean, since when are there doctors in the west who cut off little girls' clits? Maybe a couple of decades or so, but there are more and more of them around. And politicians and the police just shrug it off as 'cultural' and move on.

Female genital mutilation, child marriage, sex slavery of children, incest, etc.. have always been around unfortunately, but mostly eradicated after the era of enlightenment, in enlightened cultures.
Some people aren't enlightened, they still live in the dark ages, and they are brining the dark ages to our shores. Where's your leaders' outrage against the desensitisation of that shit?

When have we ever seen decapitated people in our midst until Islam joined us? Not for centuries!
When have we ever had to be afraid of men with machetes on streets, trains and busses until Islam came along?
When have we had to built special boulders to protect our pavements from trucks and cars driven by murderous nutters, until Islam?
When did they start erecting metal detectors in front of places of worship?
When did we have an estimate of tens of thousands of grooming and rape victims girls be silenced in Britain, because they are white and their rapists weren't?

All of this has become normalised, and why? Because of a word. Because of cowardice and because of surrender-mentality.

While your Fuhrer gets up in arms about make-belief on TV, he is strangely mute about real life, real rape, real murder, real oppression, real wars.

Your fuhrer might fool an imbecile such as yourself, but I have seen thousands of thrillers and crime shows and have never had the urge to actually kill anyone. Meanwhile millions of muslims have never seen the same tv shows I have, and they are ready to kill, maim, rape and murder at the drop of Allah snackbar.

Adrastia said...

Sure is 4chan troll in here.


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