Monday, December 10, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 3, 2018

The reason this reality family is so upset at the only one who doesn't really work and doesn't appear on the show all that often is because they are also paying his hooker/stripper bill which is nearing $100K each month.

Rob Kardashian


sandybrook said...

Soak them for all you can Rob, PMK is the reason your life is so fucked up.

omfg said...

He should write a tell all book for the $$$ They couldn't hate him anymore so why not.

Unknown said...

@omfg He can't write a tell-all simply because the PMK bank would immediately close his account, not to mention the fact that he's signed very tight non-disclosures that have his hands tied and his mouth gagged forever.

guessinggame123 said...

Why doesn't he just rent out escorts from his moms harem of yachters that she manages alongside his brother in law Scott Disick? Wouldn't he get a discount that way? :X

AkhaldanSolo said...

I don't know what the hell it is that those witches are doing for the DailyMail but their Femail section has more fucking Kardashian articles than an itemized list of K-Krew cellulite airbrush fees. Cut it out you gross motherfuckers.

The country REALLY doesn't care about a bunch of Hollywood yacht whores that got famous from a murdering cocaine dealing footballer it's only Hollywood money propping up the idea that the country really cares, honest truth is we're all sick of of it and someone just needs to pour a bucket of water on them.

texasrose said...

Based on what these tricks haul in each month it is like a normal family letting their kid go to Disneyland once a week.

Amartel said...

It pays to be an embarrassing mess and leech off your family!

Freckles said...

Pocket change for them. He should use that money to further his education like all of his sisters...yes I'm being sarcastic

M Styles said...

What a f*cking loser.
All these people in Hollywood are f*cking losers.
Maybe a dozen truly talented people in the hole lot.
The rest are uneducated, talentless, useless whores.

Do Tell said...

Again,just give him a RealDoll and an internet connection and #walkaway from him.

Anna Mouse said...

sounds like an addiction.

Jennifer Low Rents said...

NONE of them except PMK and Kendall, really fucking work!!

omfg said...

Imagine how good it would be tho!#allthatwhoring

JD said...

Let me get this clear, Rob is:

Hookering up to 100k a month
Pissing off the Kardashian trash
Squandering their funds

all at the same time

Damn, i think i have some newfound respect for Rob, unintentional but still

Brayson87 said...

So wait, is the $100K monthly tab because he's f*cking so much, or is it because the workers are charging that much before they'll get with him?

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Pauline Hughes said...

They should cut him off already. Until he gets his sh-t together, off drugs, loses weight (not for vanity but he has diabetes), and gets an actual job (or at least appears on the show and gets his own income) they need to let him hit his bottom. He has become a waste of space.


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