Monday, January 07, 2019

Blind Item #25 - Mr. X - Golden Globes

It has been a year, but the PR people still insist this beard show off her engagement ring every time she takes a photo she is going to post to social media. If she is taking a photo with the A- list mostly television actor, it has to be prominent and it is also requested she mention it in the post. 


MDAnderson said...

Darren Criss and his girl

MDAnderson said...

Mia Swier

Brayson87 said...

Wait, Darren Criss has a beard? Hahahahahahahahahaha

MJ said...

D Gross and that trashbag he call his " gf"

" the PR People INSIST"..yeah...i am sure they have to BEG her to show off the ring

she clings to him like a desperate, has multiple fake account where she fakes being a fan girl gushing about the couple and their love, posting" leaked" pics, but the PR has to INSIST she does the only thing she is able to do: attention seeking

Enty...change source for blinds about Gross..or at least about the beard...what you write is not what i see

Unknown said...

obviously Darren's beard: the trashy and pathetic Mia Swiffer.

kiki71 said...

Is this 'cause they gotta remind people every single day that he is straight? Yeah that's it. The lengths he will go to. Denouncing taking any more gay roles because gay actors should take it 'not him' and parading the beard high profile. Yawn.

cc423 said...

They have NO chemistry

Trapped said...

Darren’s beard

theotherginger said...

If Mia Swier is such a social media attention seeker... then, why is her Instagram private? Very unlike a social media wh*re. Anyway, I just don't believe it. Darren Criss is insanely talented and regardless of what WE may label his sexuality, I still believe he loves that girl.

Also, looking back... Jennifer Aniston forgot to thank her then husband, Brad Pitt, when she won a Globe. She must have "forgotten the lines". Please. At least, DC shows gratitude and cares for the woman he is with.

Unknown said...

Her Instagram is so private that very "private" photos are "accidentally" leaked almost everyday by her minions and/or her fake accounts. But sure, she's a really private person and absolutely not an attention seeker. He obviously loves her so much that he can't even remember when they met. I guess it's not nice to say that they met when she was fu**ing his brother.

MJ said...

@ the otherginger " If Mia Swier is such a social media attention seeker.."
Bc she ANYWAY finds the way to" leak" pics when she wants

2 bc it was a way to make people believe that they are" private" ( but we almost always fid out where they are and what they are doing )

3 do you really think paps are SO interested in this couple? They are (mostly) hired...ask yourself why

And if she was really" private" wouldn't cling to him or kiss him to show PDA any times she sees a camera...i think i have seen the most ridicolur poses, by her, trying to show" intimacy" with D when she sees a camera

This bearding is the most ridicolous and pathetic bearding i have ever seen...for a lITTLE has been surpassed by " Hiddleswift" but they had the sense to stop, before it became too ridicolus..this keeps going on

Oh, there is " Prick"...but there at least they BOTH gain

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