Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #2

March 13, 2019

Of course the A- list rapper/producer/reality star who got an underage girl pregnant and lives for that 14-16 year old crowd is going to support the permanent A++ lister.

The Game/Michael Jackson


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Aquagirl said...


Unknown said...

Idk the Game was an A list rapper 😂😂

Huckleberry said...

Wow, Enthusiasm Quotes, that was poor timing.

Jeff said...

I watched Leaving Neverland last night. It was very convincing and also very sad. They need a documentary on how MJ got that way. He has to be the most skilled pedophile that ever walked the earth. He worked entire families to get what he wanted. It was sick and it was sad. The two guys that are now bringing accusations were clearly damaged by what MJ did to them. It's not right.

:| raven |: said...

lmao @ Huckleberry

Jeff - i felt the exact same way. no way these guys are lying.

hothotheat said...

You'd think the Quotes troll would atleast take out the 'nice' part and just say'interesting post'. Cut/paste is hard 😦.

Brayson87 said...

The Game had to pick between supporting MJ or R. Kelly to maintain his ped cred. Do you think his favorite ride is school bus or ice cream truck?

Leanne Norman said...

The quotes are spambots not trolls.

sandybrook said...

Amazing/Enthusiasm Quotes named/outed himself this past weekend. His name is Anuj Somany and he can be googled. He's in India apparently

Scandi Sanskrit said...

No, they shouldn’t. Because it’s very possible that Michael Jackson “got that way” because he was molested himself. And we don’t need another Kevin spacey set of excuses again.

Because I’ve seen it in people. They don’t ALL end up child molesters. But sometimes they just become very selfish parents with no regard for their own children like teh parental instinct isn’t there.

I’ve developed my own system where I compartimentalise how I sympathise with victims of child abuse: I see them as 2 separate people, the child version (who I sympathise with as an abuse victim) and the adult version (who I hold fully-accountable for their adult decisions and i don’t tolerate their exploiting the cause to make a name for themselves). Ex: I sympathise with Rose for having grown up in a sex cult but I hate how she’s handling #MeToo.

Not everyone separates the two in their minds. So if we get an accompanying documentary, it’ll just open a can of worms and next thing you know another pedophile will be forgiven.

GentleBreeze said...

Scandi, I like how you think.
May I suggest a further thought. See the hurt child in the adult, and still despise, stop and punish the action.

Unknown said...


Scandi Sanskrit said...

Nah, I have to stop EXACTLY there. ✂️

BEcause that’s where other people start getting messy and begin letting adult versions of the former child abuse victims too many free passes.

DIA said...

' Jeff said...

I watched Leaving Neverland last night. It was very convincing and also very sad.'
When it was more convincing and sad: when they perjured in a court of law or now?
BTW I have a bridge for sale. Would you?

KaiserWilhelm'sGhost said...

The Game's arrest record:

7th grade education
3 drug charges
2 felony assault
11 domestic
1 weapons charge
3 No insurance

Quality entertainment, right there.

Gylly said...

Pity the child, despise the adults actions

shakey said...

Well put, Scandi. Very well put.

I found Leaving Neverland to be very interesting. It's rare to hear people talk about how their molestations have affected them as adults. I've had (still have, but it's subsided lately) the same type of depression as James - staying in bed all weekend, being tired of putting up a front sometimes. I feel for him. And I feel for his wife and kids. It's interesting to have a reserved personality paired with one who needs to talk it out. And the mothers' reactions! I have to admit I found Wade's mother's reasoning for everything really messed up. Like she kept making up excuses to herself until she believed them. Michael Jackson groomed the kids and as many family members as possible. For years. He could have been a cult leader.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Thanks, Shakey.

And yeah he could’ve been a cult leader.


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