Friday, March 22, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #4

March 15, 2019

This real life Empire liver was about to be interviewed to defend this permanent A++ lister. He was offered mid six figures to not do so. When he refused, he ended up dead.

Ron Newt/Michael Jackson


Brayson87 said...

Chris gets mad props for getting this one right, over an hour into the blind when no one had any idea.

:| raven |: said...
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sandybrook said...

Of course being 69 had nothing to do with him dying because 69 is below the mean average age of death of males these days (but probably above the mean average of black males age of death.)

Little Miss Sunshine said...
If Ron was offered 200K, wonder how much the Leaving Neverland guys got. Someone is running a cottage industry here.

EddyWouldRide said...

On CDAN literally everyone in the world touches kids except for the guy who frequently slept with them and has been accused multiple times.

Arshes said...

Lol. More like he knew something and was spill. There's already a bunch of MJ defenders but this guy was gonna do what? Change the fact people thought Micheal was a freak and admitted to sleeping with little boys? He coming outo would literally do nothing.

Angela said...


What would be the benefit for Enty to post blinds about Jackson being a pedophile? Everybody's doing it (probably because it's true), and the guy's dead anyway.
On the other hand, posting blinds about Jackson being framed will appeal to his fans, who refuse to consider that he was indeed a molester. That gets him new readers, and he's also able to connect this conspiracy theory with the site's current pet project and main conspiracy theory: painting David Geffen (plus Steven Spielberg) as the Antechrist.

That's not Enty trying to accommodate "Mr. X", while Enty was previously a big provider of blinds about Jackson being a pedophile and even a murderer. It's Enty cynically deciding to get new readers and followers by posting what they want to read.

Just Curious said...

First time to comment... found this video:

The outside noise is annoying, but listen to the end for maybe what Enty is referring to in this blind.

Just Curious said...

Around 3:04 in the vid.

DavidHowesCREBroker said...

There is nothing original in Hollywood.

If you think you have an original story, you don't.
Someone else thought of it before.

Why do you think you have to have representation for anyone in any power position to read anything you wrote?

It's all been done before.

PayThemDust said...

Did DJVlad have anything to do with this?

Thonker said...

@Angela he posted jackson blinds from every angle from: he's innocent to he was an abuser he is 100% guilty lol maybe he should make up his mind..

hunter said...

Holy shit, great video Just Curious, thanks for sharing.

I'm surprised it's still posted and hasn't mysteriously been pulled down. Calling out OPRAH like that?? Eek.

Brayson87 said...

@David, Oh there's always something new under the sun 🌞

momo said...

@David you are correct and that sounds EXACTLY what the release I signed read (in many more words) when I sent some stuff to Viacom.

DIA said...

It's interesting because he wasn't only one died under suspicious circumstances here. Do you know Evan Chandler in 1993 accused Michael Jackson of child sexual abuse against his son Jordan.In June 2009, Jackson died of a propofol overdose. Four months later, Chandler committed suicide by self-inflicted wound. He left no suicide note.
May be he wanted to tell the truth and they killed him.

Unknown said...

What the hell is an "Empire liver" ???

Scandi Sanskrit said...

“Empire” is apparently based on this Ron Newt dude (so “Empire liver” = he’s lived the real-life Empire).

I think at one point he wanted to sue but I don’t think he had a case (because you can’t sue someone for using you as a muse—although if the muse is someone who’s struggling it would be nice to give them something, so the muse doesn’t seem just used).

Ha that rhymes. Muse, used.

It wasn’t like the creators of “Empire” plagiarised his novella/roman à clef (AFAIK they did the writing work from scratch).

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Stop that, you’re breaking my heart.

I thought I just came up with something original and declared it as mine online by attaching my name to it. If anybody steals it, I will SCREAM louder than the kid in “Paper Moon” demanded her 200 bucks.

AND I will send all the plagiarism scoop to Enty.

Now my biggest fear is someone might come up to me and tell me it was a 1964 episode of “The Twilight ZOne” or something (but for now I think my idea is original).

And What do you mean “why do you think you have to have representation”? You’re scaring me!

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LyleAlzedo said...

There is enormous amounts of money pumped into this on both sides in efforts to control the narrative. It's so effective. WE know they're all guilty. So why did they alienate MJ years ago? He was the hypocrite who "rescued" teens from molesters only to molest them himself. You don't do that to people like Geffen and SS and live to tell about it. MJ may be guilty, but at this point he's become the fall guy to take the heat off the really big cheeses.

Urban Rosebud said...

Lyle has his critical thinking cap on today. Thank you Lyle.


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