Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #5

March 13, 2019

The trades are saying one thing, but no decision has been made about the arrested actor or the network show where he stars and probably won't be made until May.

Jussie Smollett/Empire


Brayson87 said...

His punishment should be having to live in an actually bad part of Chicago.

sandybrook said...

Since he's been charged on 16 counts by a Grand Jury and written out of the last episodes this season, it's gonna be hard for them to keep him around. Even if they want to.

Groggy said...

I don' think Jussie's coming back. Too much negative publicity and public outrage across the spectrum over what he did. And now the news that Michelle Obama's former chief of staff is involved with a state prosecutor in trying to steer the case to the FBI and away from Chicago PD in the hope of more favorable treatment for Jussie. Privilege, anyone?

My hope is the FBI does get involved and brings mail fraud charges. He deserves the full punishment allowed by law.

herbert arnold said...

i read somewhere that empire is already done at the end of the season.

J said...

So how come this dirtbag asshole is best friends with Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris, etc?

How come he gets Obama's chief of staff making phone calls on his behalf?

I am so fucking sick of entertainers being treated like royalty. In reality, they are just as they were in ancient times... the worst scumbags and scoundrels.

Vita said...

I heard somewhere that part of this started bc he was hoping they wouldn't get renewed. When the ratings were high enough that it looked possible, if not likely, that's when he committed to "contract improvement.".

Some news sources are already towing Geragos' reasonable doubt line, and it's nauseating. This is not the guy or the case where this smoke and mirrors bs deserves to work, if ever. Too bad the f'ing sandwich cant testify!

Unknown said...

Chicago has had 67 murders in 2019 and seven arrests. The changes will be reduced on most of the seven.

92 shootings in 2019, and maybe 4 arrests.

The jails are so full that if someone is arrested, while on house arrest, the police take that person back to their house.

I had a Police Officer tell me that he will take violent criminals to the hospital before jail, because they will stay off of the streets longer in they are in the emergency room for intoxication, drugs, or a cough.

Gay Tupac will not get jail, a fine - because the pension system is bankrupt- maybe probation, and possibly house arrest. Most likely, sentenced to a heart felt apology.

There is no way Illinois will let this guy in lockup, because he is a lawsuit waiting to happen, and they do not want anyone with any Media attention to say how out of control the jail and prison system is in Illinois.

Parking tickets, untaxed tobacco, and red light violations, and he would get the maximum. A fake hate crime is not really a priority for Chicago

molly said...

J..........."So how come this dirtbag asshole is best friends with Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris, etc?" The two Nigerian guys had on Trump ball caps...think it was supposed to be a hate crime with bad implications for the prez. The people who think up these stunts are not bright. FBI would keep all the bad stuff quiet and go along with hate crime caused by Trump. They work for the democrats/clinton crime family now.

cat said...

It's a federal crime, to perpetrate, a crime using the US mail service. He could get sentenced to federal prison.

CJ said...

Double standard if he walks free. Roseanne did little in comparison to his actions and she was stripped of almost everything.

RobertaJoan said...

You can't even get into federal prison after bilking people out of millions of dollars. The FBI refuses to verify the note or anything else involved with the case. Why? The FBI have bigger fish to fry. There's an entire catch at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Jussie got triaged.

cat said...

He is probably being investigated by the USPS inspection service, who would be likely to prosecute. If the powder, in that letter, had spilled in a facility, the entire facility would have shutdown. And stayed closed, until the powder was tested.

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Scandi Sanskrit said...

Yeah, I think there are people out there who would boycott anything Jussie’s in in the future like I boycot NatGeo for taking Neil kardashian-Tyson back.

I hope a new channel émergées to compete with NatGeo that’s run entirely by women.

Mango said...

I heard somewhere that part of this started bc he was hoping they wouldn't get renewed.

If that’s true, maybe he thought he was ready for the big screen. We watched Alien Covenant the other night and Smollet had a small part in it, and he was passable

***** SPOILER ALERT *****

as a crew member who indulges in some steamy shower sex with his wife right after most of the crew (who are his friends) are killed violently by aliens. So stupid. 🙄

Unknown said...

I think they're gonna make an example of him. He'll probably get a year or son, and will 'only' have to do 5 or six months. What he did was unacceptable on any level, but he did inadvertently expose a lot to about the state of mind of the anti-Trumpers. A lot of people had their eyes opened.

momo said...

He really helped DJT. No doubt. I have never heard false flag in the mainstream, and now it's in the vernacular? Crazy. People are getting SMART and sick and tired of being manipulated. Censorship is a VERY SCARY THING and certain folks have lost control of their own narrative and are in a panic. These are scary times. Emperor Has No Clothes kind of times. Our only hope is comedy. SERIOUSLY.

PS RIP GEORGE CARLIN unless that would be hellish for you. lol Rest any way you wanna.

iknowpeople said...

@Shawn Fleming you need better sources. I’m not going to rebut your comments one-by-one because they have little in common with the facts.

Smellit will get a plea bargain on the state charges, probably a few years probation, community service and a large fine to cover the cost of the police investigation. What he really needs to be worried about is the federal and postal investigations. That’s where he may end up doing the real time. The feds don’t mess around when you use the mail system to commit crimes, especially ones that imply poisoning.

The state’s attorney who interfered in the investigation by doing the bidding of Michelle Obama‘s former chief of staff may be in trouble. The fraternal order of police organization in Chicago has asked the feds to investigate her.

timebob said...

It all comes down with Fox ratings and money. Terrance is a known wife beater that didn't stop them from giving him the lead on the show.

Mel Gibson got an academy nomination and right back to making movies. After being convicted of assaulting his baby mama. On top of all his well known racism.

I have my doubts about anything happening with the letter. He sent it to himself with some crushed up aspirin. I'm sure his lawyers can spin it as some sort of drug induced act. Or a "cry for help".

The whole case is a shit show. If OJ and Robert Blake can get away with murder. If Jussie keeps to his story he is innocent. He might get away with it too.


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