Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #1

April 8, 2019

That foreign born former A list celebrity in her own country who was probably B here at her sex tape peak is thisclose to having her kids taken from her because of her drug use and violent behavior towards other family members.

Katie Price


orangesoda said...

I thought her kids were already taken away from her? She has so many I've lost count.
(Also A list in England, definitely not. B list in the US? Absolutely not)

Huckleberry said...

She was my introduction to homemade sex tapes. I had never considered seeking them out before I found out she had one. She was hot then, scary now.

Stupidpervs said...

Deadbeats love dropping out drug addicted babies..I know a chick on her 7th one..her dad has 2 of her kids cuz they were taken away..so she had 4 more to sweeten her baby daddy pot one with severe down syndrome meanwhile ..no job..no ring...no effort except pushing once and boom welfare babies galore white trash at its finest ..we should deport those kinda people

J said...

Some people just don't give a shit about their kids. Like one commenter here.

Why don't people just refrain from having them?

Brayson87 said...

@J, They're too fat to realize they're pregnant until it's too late?

:| raven |: said...


and having had a child, there is NO WAY you don't know you're pregnant. i don't believe any of those stories.

and agreed @J - if you don't love children, and want to nurture and love them, don't have them. there is no rule that says you have to have kids. millions of people shouldn't. ever.

Vita said...

Ages ago, Katie's biggest saving grace seemed to be that she was a loving, caring mom. This was back in the early Peter Andre days. Seems things have gone desperately downhill.

Randaleese said...

@j..... Do tell.. a commenter here? Ones who don’t GAF about their kids should be called out!!!

Brayson87 said...

Oh you really don't have to GAF or even like your kids as long as you take really good care of them. Like back in the old days. ;)

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