Thursday, April 18, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #1

April 9, 2019

I give them credit for doing something when the backlash got too loud, but for this festival to plead ignorance and not know the permanent A- list musician subject of the film is a child rapist is hard to fathom.

Bill Wyman/Sheffield Doc Fest


kfitz said...

the what fest? lol

James Howlett said...

Exactly, the what? Wasn't there an old Post about someone being a poster here who ran a similar film festival? I know I've read it, a lot of people said it was a documentary festival. Someone's sister?

scurfie said...

longtimereader said...

What fest? if i was them i'd beg Wyman to attend. You are a pipsqueak production,he is a part of a C20th iconic rock band and a global icon. Do you really think there is a single 60/70/80's major rock band not tainted with #metoo accusations..?

Thursday November said...

He married the girl he groomed when she was still a teen, and even dated her mother to get to her.

Lucky13 said...

Apparently, Sheffield Doc Fest has been a big documentary festival in the UK since 1994.

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