Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Today's Blind Items - Let Them Eat Cake

Apparently there is a group of A+ listers out there who have worked behind the scenes to make sure they keep earning as much money as possible while the people they call "family" suffer. The A+ listers pay lip service to the fight, but that is all it is, lip service. They put a hyphen between their job descriptions and get the union they control to make a ruling. Therefor they classify themselves as the side of the hyphenate they want rather than the other which would cause them to possibly forgo tens of millions of dollars.

This former A+ list child mostly television actor turned A+ list mostly television teen actor turned A+ list director/producer is the main leader of this movement. It is the places he has created which are really what the fight is all about. He likes to talk the talk and say he is a writer and wishes he could so something, but dangit, the other union says he should keep things as they are so he is going to go with them even though he sure wishes he could go with everyone else.

On board with him is the permanent A++ list director who "feels for everyone else," but hey, "I have a different set of circumstances." Yeah, however if he did change his mind, then the whole thing would work out for the writers. All he cares about is making sure the empire stays in place.

That former actor turned A+ list writer/director current horror king was saying one thing two years ago, but now is using that hyphen to make sure he keeps those millions rolling in.

Even people who have done as instructed by their union and made a big deal of it are not being completely upfront. They are now more actors than writers so it is no skin off their back to show the public hand while at the same time doing things business as usual when it comes to acting. That A list comedian/voice over actor comes to mind.


sandybrook said...

Ron Howard for the first A+

MontanaMarriott said...

Peele for the Horror King?

Tricia13 said...

It’s Howard/Spielberg

Super Comic Fun Time! said...

+1 +1 and +1

Dahling said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tricia13 said...

V/O is vague.... maybe Seinfeld?

Dahling said...

I have absolutely no! idea! what! this blind is trying to convey. Soooo.... these "producers" say they are more working stiffs than producers, but the are actually more "producers' than working stiffs? What strange skullf**kery is this?

earlybird2 said...

seth mcfarlane

Tricia13 said...

Is Shane Black firmer actor turned current horror king?

sandybrook said...

Eli Roth the actor turned horror king? He didn't act a lot though.

yepthatsme said...

All i can gather from the blind is that there is another CLUB operating in hollyweird!

longtimereader said...

Eli roth acted in that Tarantino nazi movie.

notthisagain said...

This reminds me what’s going on with ATA and WGA right now

earlybird2 said...


MDAnderson said...

Seth McFarlane for the voice actor??

MeliticusBee said...

Google doesn't really want to cough up this info....
search for actor director writer union conflict THEN click news tab

and you get this
DGA Tells Writer-Directors They Don’t Have to Fire Agents for Directing-Related Work
While the Writers Guild has instructed its 15,000-plus membership to leave agencies over packaging fee disputes, other guilds have largely remained in a watch-and-see mode. SAG-AFTRA has only sent out a statement of support for the WGA but has not conveyed any stance on issues the guild has raised, including claims of conflict of interest by agencies when it comes to affiliated production companies.

So...the writers guild says fire your reps...while everyone else says - we support the writers guild's position but we aren't gonna tell our members to do anything to limit getting jobs...

notthisagain said...



Do Tell said...

Ronnie Howard, I am so disappointed in you.

SMH, Richie Cunningham.

Flashy Vic said...

I could not care less, to be honest.

gauloise said...

+1 to Peele for the new horror king, Get Out came out 2 years ago, before he was an actor.

gauloise said...

Jack Black for A list Comedian / Voice Over actor?

tall, dark, and handsome said...

Ron Howard- A list tv child/teen actor/A+ director-producer
JJ Abrams- A++ list Director
Jordan Peele- Actor turned A++ Writer/director
Patton Oswalt- A list comedian/ V.O. actor

Marlin said...

+1 ron howard for the first one. I think the last
One A+ comedian/vo is Jay Leno.

Brayson87 said...

Hahaha I love it when writers cause chaos in Hollywood. Shouldn't all those genius producers, directors, agents, and/or comedic actors be able to write their own sh!t after all? They certainly take enough credit for it.

As for the blind, jeezus, they can't even contain the pedos, if they tried to round up all the hypocrites in Hollywood it would be a ghost town.

MDAnderson said...

Bill hader for the voice actor??

Melvin The Reanimated said...

This is totally the WGA vs ATA fight. DGA,said it wouldn't asj members to drop agents, so Enty is implying several hyphenates are leaning more into their director or actor side, and being hypocrites in their "support".

Its totally Ron Howard for the first, and Jordan Peele for the horror king. Patton Oswalt is the comedian/VO actor -- went on Twitter to announce that he fired his writing agent, per WGA wishes. Perma A++ lister could be either Spielberg or Scorsese-- who does more writing?

gauloise said...

could A++ be de coppola, he wrote a lot of major hits early in his career (such as godfather) and has a new project he has written in the works

hothotheat said...

A+++ list is Lucas ('empire'reference)

BayAreaGirl said...

+1 @hothotheat

no said...

Probably has something to do with the writer's strike


Stupidpervs said...

Noone cares about rich people problems but rich people..

Vita said...

Ron Howard, unsure on Perm A++, Jordan Peele, Patton Oswald

OKay said...

@Stupid Writers aren't rich. You're delusional. But a lot of people do get rich off them.

You know, I never wanted to believe that Ron Howard was a jerk. But he grew up and is successful in the cesspool known as Hollywood, so he kind of has to have sold his soul, hasn't he?

affanattic said...

I'm a little bit proud(?) for feeling so confident in my guesses. While I still had trouble understanding the actual story, though I've followed the writer's guild stuff.

Ron Howard (I laughed at the "dangit" cadence), Spielberg probably, plainly Jordan Peele because Eli Roth is not an A+ writer-director, and Patton because he's been pretty vocal about the WGA goings-on.
Only one I don't know for sure is Spielberg because there's not a lot of clue. Certainly can't be George Lucas because he's not very active and I don't know why he'd be speaking on this.

Dorvannnn said...

I don't think one of them is George Lucas. He had a huge fight with Director's Guild when Star Wars originally came out because he didn't want any credits at the beginning of the film so I don't see him going out if his way for them plus he is mostly(or semi?) retired.

According to Wikipedia, both George Lucas and Robert Rodriguez are **not** members of the DGA.


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idiotslayer said...

You've not heard of Key & Peele?

Sekrit said...

@no ++++++++1 yep

Raspy said...

Still a little confused even though he's richer as hell would George Lucas have the power to put his foot down and end this strike? I don't really even understand what it is the Guild wants.

Jugi said...

Ron Howard/Spielberg/Jordan Peele

ESB said...


agcblinditems said...

Take a look at George Lucas' IMDB

I'd say that covers "empire."

BRAD PITT said...

Ron Howard should be ashamed of himself accepting an oscar for 'A Beautiful Mind'

but then again he's friends with clinton puppet tom hanks

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ardleighstreet said...

Just to be different, I will go with Shaun Cassidy as the "horror king",


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