Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #4

May 6, 2019

Sometimes a really big check is written and everyone knows there is a settlement. So, even though no one admits anything, whoever pays is usually in the wrong. What if, as part of your payment though, you get someone to say they were in the wrong. That would be a nice way to settle a suit involving a hit show on a streaming service.

Stranger Things lawsuit


sandybrook said...

Nobody in the entertainment business plagerizes anything ever

Said nobody ever.

Flashy Vic said...

Nobody in the entertainment business plagerizes anything ever

Said nobody ever.

Flashy Vic said...

Sorry Sandy, couldn't resist.😁

sandybrook said...

Sorry Vic, couldn't help myself by resisting. 😂

DavidHowesCREBroker said...

Right on, @sandybrook.

When I moved to LA in 1983, I had an idea for a movie where someone from the future traveled back in time to correct things that had gone wrong in human history.

Then, I saw "Terminator."

How dare James Cameron steal my idea!

Oh, wait!

He didn't.

sandybrook said...

I'm sure Cameron has never borrowed someone's idea for himself, after all he's King of the World!

Thot Crimes said...

@sandy - Speaking of Harlan Ellison - "Before Terminator came out I began to hear from people, 'Gee, there's this script they're going to shoot that reads an awful lot like your script for Soldier. Now Soldier had been available on videocassette for many years. Demon with a Glass Hand had won all the awards but Soldier was right there in popularity.

Now, I get invitations to everything and anything, but for some reason, I never got an invitation to the screening of The Terminator.
It was not my desire to find a similarity. I was sitting in there thinking, 'Please don't let it be.' But if you took the first three minutes of my Soldier episode and the first three minutes of The Terminator, they are not only similar but exact. By the time I left the theater, I knew I had a case against someone who plagiarized my work." Harlan Ellison

sandybrook said...

He's one of the very few who beat Cameron this way. So kudos to him and I hope he is resting in peace. He defended all writers who the industry shit on.

Brayson87 said...

@Thot, I used to be supportive of Ellison, but in Soldier there is no robot apocalypse, no Terminator, just two human soldiers from the future accidentally sent back through time in a freak accident. Here are the first three minutes from the Soldier episodes, there isn't even any fighting, just laser beams in the sky and two soldiers sitting on their a$$es mostly. And Ellison's Demon with a Glass Hand is even more of a stretch, that's a robot fighting aliens.

Soldier (The Outer Limits) - Intro

Scandi Sanskrit said...

https://youtu.be/OF4mlPxVWUk 📼

Stupidpervs said...



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