Sunday, July 28, 2019

Blind Item #2

Don't believe the hype. This cable network isn't changing the name of an award.


Tricia13 said...

Mtv? video van guard?

earlybird2 said...

Tricia13 said...


Trapped said...

MTV M Jackson

Now! said...

But The Simpsons is deleting its Michael Jackon episode from streaming services and other reruns.

Do Tell said...

lol @ The Simpsons taking a stand over a decade later. That episode will remain on YouTube in perpetuity.

Nicole said...

The politics of removing MJ is sad. The man was brilliant.
So many pedos.
This last assault on MJ had HUGE politics, including Geffen
and Oprah. She is such a narcissist that when the timing became
right for HER, she exposes him with NO direct personal experience
with Michael. She is just the voice to ensure $ keeps 'comin.
Remember when she was his "best friend"?
The pedo politics are in overdrive to protect Geffen.
I had personal experience with MJ and he was a kind man.

Lucky13 said...

People who spent time around Sir Jimmy Savile also referred to him as a kind man, until after his death and we found out what a monster he was.

Samantha the 1st said...

Brilliant talent and debauched mind sometimes co-exist.

A psychopath is good at hiding in plain sight.

Me :) said...

Damn, I did buy it. (To be fair, that was days ago, before I saw this.) So THIS is how MTV tries to garner back attention to its failing award show and network? That's even more pathetic than the revived "TRL."

Collateral Justice said...

"...(snip)... I had personal experience with MJ and he was a kind man." @Nicole

Did you supply him with underage boys to rape? Or was it a one time thing because you did not deliver the goods?

Serious question. Because too many have the video/stills to keep a lid on it at this stage.

Psst, his dick is big enough to damage prepubescent ass by the way.


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