Sunday, October 20, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #2

October 11, 2019

All people could talk about at the party for the new season of a trash cable reality show was that the former A- list tween singer was on death's doorstep.

Aaron Carter/Marriage Boot Camp


Do Tell said...

I feel very sad for him.

Unknown said...

It's like watching a really slow car crash.
Somebody save him!

SlimKeith said...

The networks keep hiring these troubled mentally ill and/or drug addled men and women then they ply them with alcohol and pay them to act out as much as possible. I was guilty of watching for years but I can't get into it anymore. Sometimes I think Dr Phil is the worst of all the shows, he's supposed to be helping people and instead berates and screams at his guests. I couldn't watch the Shelly Duval interview. It was an all time low.

Mrs Libnish said...

I just watched the trailer for that shitshow. Feldman is on it, I am compelled to watch.


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