Sunday, October 20, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #4

October 11, 2019

The PR team of the foreign born actress came up with the nickname two hours before her interview on the talk show.

Priyanka Chopra/J-Sisters


Anonymous said...

New headline today from Nick “I love and admire her” literally came to this site after reading it

Jesus Christ.

Unknown said...

Sorry but I thought this J-sisters thing has been going on for months now.

TeeHee@U said...
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Unknown said...

Nick has cleverly combined 'wife' and Priyanka and lovingly calls her Wanka.

KnitWit said...

The Wanker and his Wanka?

Fifi LaRue said...


Unknown said...

They sound like a big fan of mutual masturbation.
Via Skype of course


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