Sunday, March 29, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #1

March 21, 2020

The executives at this network made a development deal with the former Disney actress and in return, they also wanted her to appear on their hit show. They couldn't get out of the deal, but they have had some serious buyers remorse.

FOX/Bella Thorne/Masked Singer


Andy said...

Why would they? Bella's appearance got a ton of attention and good ratings. And she hyped the hell out of it on her IG.

Vita said...

Was she difficult and demanding behind the scenes?

marjorie said...

Bella's appearance on MaskedSinger only got attention because no one knew who she was.

R. J. Anderson said...

Probably pushed the envelope to see if they'd jump. Isn't there a studio staff person in charge of "come to the baby Jesus" meetings with the various narcissistic twits who are honestly more trouble than they're worth?

orangesoda said...

Why would ANYONE want that trash on any of their shows? Hahaha

Elvis Belushi said...

Bella is SO damaged she has to be told to bathe - she stinks!


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