Monday, July 20, 2020

Blind Item #10 - Reader Blind - Old Hollywood

The story of how this entertainer who is associated with a specific city that is popular for vacationers took offense at being the butt of many of this permanent A+ talks show host’s punchlines is well known.  For a period, he was frequently belittled in the show’s nightly monologues. This all ended when the entertainer, who held a black belt, showed up at the hosts’ s office and let him know he would hurt him physically if this continued.  The host stopped making fun of him immediately.

What is less known is a similar situation the same host had with an actor.  At the time, the actor was known primarily for one thing - Appearing in bad movies.  He was also a severe alcoholic and had run ins with the law. Like the first entertainer, the host started mocking him in his monologues. And also like the first entertainer the actor waited until the host was alone and then confronted him. However, the actor was drunk and known to be violent and ended up not only beating up the host but also violently sodomizing him.  This was covered up by the network although one of the hosts’ ex-wives alluded to it during their civil divorce trial.

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