Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Today's Blind Items - The Aftermath

In the increased focus on the curse of this show the past week, I have been asking more questions about the hanging. The death that makes no sense as a suicide. The actor was about to start naming names. Names that were big enough to make someone kill him? Apparently yes. The names were so big that they managed to bribe two officers in charge of monitoring the house arrest of the actor. As soon as he was dragged from that house, alarms would have been going off and police would have been sent. Instead, the four people that took him from the house got him into a car, removed the device and then tossed it out the window. Then, when police were sent hours later as something that was fresh, they were able to find the device but were hours behind the process and could never do anything useful.

So, who were the names? There was a woman assigned to our actor who was supposed to make sure he stayed quiet. Wherever he went, she went. The gym, his bed, wherever. She wasn't there that final night. Everyone knew he was going to give up the names. There were several names and IP addresses, but to me only one name really sticks out as someone who had something to lose. Someone who had just got out of jail and a halfway house a few months earlier and has a history of this behavior that all of you know. Could he put something together to kill the actor? Depends if he called in his wife's friends or not. Would she help?

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