Friday, July 24, 2020

Blind Item #5 - Reader Blind - Kindness

It’s a little known fact that this well known B actor, best known for a long time role on a show everybody knows about, had a bit part in this film franchise the everybody also knows. He was a guest at an event for fans of said franchise and I was tasked with keeping an eye on the autograph lines for this actor and another guest.

Along with the other guests at the event, the actor was doing photo op sessions with fans. These sessions are one shot deals - you pay for them and had best be there or you’ve blown your money. It just so happened that an attendee had a photo op with the two most well known guests, one of whom is now deceased and the other is still around, which conflicted with his photo op with the first guest. Naturally, he went for the photo op with the two. The attendee had a personal item which he had all guests there sign for him which he wanted included in his photos of him with the guests. Part of my job of managing the lines was to be the guy who told guests they couldn’t take photos at the guest’s table, but this actor seemed friendly and I figured he might accommodate the attendee’s wish of a shared photo with the guest, so I went ahead and asked, expecting to get shot down citing agreements and such.

Lo and behold, the actor agreed to it and did the photo op with the attendee at his table and talked with him for a few minutes as there were no other guests in line. The actor relayed some stories about his work, answered a few questions, and apologized to the attendee for having a conflicting photo op time despite him having no real control over it.

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