Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Blind Item #6 - Reader Blind - Old Hollywood

Many years ago, this actor was pushed into making a very big sacrifice by the studio as well as by those around him.  This was done to save the career of another actor who was embroiled in a potentially career ending scandal. He was very important to the studio. These events are now common knowledge.

The actor who made the sacrifice came from an acting family.  He had a long career everything from second banana in classic comedies and musicals to horror films to Disney films. In his later years, he did a lot of TV.  Also in his later years he was often cast as an angry sputtering old man.

His sacrifice was not without its perks.  For a number of years, those that were grateful would send young starlets to him and he would have sex with them. He slept with several who would later be stars themselves and who are still alive.  Two prominent ones - This star of several successful sitcoms who pitches medical products and this actress who played a famous fictional character on TV. That same character is currently enjoying a film reboot.

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