Monday, July 20, 2020

Blind Item #7 - Reader Blind - Old Hollywood

In a small California town, there is a statue still standing of this multiple Oscar winning/Oscar nominated actor.  Considering what is going on in the news now, it is surprising no one has spoken out about this.

This actor was an outspoken racist who made no attempt to hide his views. He belonged to an organization known for their racist views and tape exists of him speaking in character about “negroes” at one of their conventions.  Those that worked with him recall his beliefs in the mental superiority of whites and the inferiority of other races and his constant slurs predominantly against African Americans and Jews.  One of the most well-known stories about this actor is how visibly happy he was when this leader was assassinated. Reports he literally danced a jig on set when the news was announced. What was funny about all this is contrary to the characters he normally played, the actor was well educated and had another career before acting and did not come from the south.

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