Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Blind Item #5 - Reader Blind

This leader has been much vilified in the press. The roots of this go back to when he first attained his position. Prior to this, the position had been held by a close family member.

After the leader took the position, he was approached privately by the representatives of a number of the world’s most wealthy and powerful interests.  They wanted to continue the arrangement they had with the family member before him - Their country would continue to be both a source and a waystation for child sex trafficking.  The family member didn’t approve of this but had gone along with this to avoid conflict.

The new leader had a reputation for being a weakling mostly due to his previous occupation which had nothing to do with leadership.  However, this was something he could not abide and he refused using all the power he had to chase out those currently engaged in child trafficking.

Since then powerful forces in the world have waged a nonstop battle to remove this leader. The irony is the force they helped create to this end is itself guilty of sex trafficking.

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