Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Blind Item #5 - Reader Blind

A retired FBI agent once told me a case he would like to open is an investigation into the death of this Emmy nominated actor several decades ago.

No one thought anything of it at the time as 1.) The actor had heart surgery in the past 2.) The actor always looked middle aged or older even when he was young.   He starred in both movies and TV. By far, his most successful role was on a popular sitcom where he played the boss of the title character.  This was based on a movie which he was also in.

As a young struggling actor, he had earned money by working as muscle for some very shady people collecting debts etc. They took a liking to him and often invited him for drinks where he was privy to a lot of their conversations.  A few years before his death he started talking to the FBI informally about some things he had seen and heard.  They were close to getting him on record when he died. An autopsy did show some high levels of potentially dangerous substances which were likely administered without the actor’s knowledge.   

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