Monday, July 20, 2020

Blind Item #6 - Reader Blind - Old Hollywood

This permanent A+ list actor whose most famous film was recently in the news was married to this popular comedic actress.  She died before him.  In the bedroom, they liked to role play and the actress had expressed her desire to act out an intruder rape fantasy and bringing in a third party to play the role of the rapist.

The actor was also turned on by this and found this at the time bit player who later starred as the same villainous character in several low budget genre films before his death.  This actor had a physical condition that affected his appearance and size.

The afflicted actor agreed for payment to act out the intruder role. He climbed in through an unlocked window and had sex with the actress who was very turned on by this. In a nearby closet, the A+ actor watched and pleasured himself.

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